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Ten more are coming tomorrow.

The Girl in the Book

I was nicely surprised by this one. The girl practically consented, even though a 14 year old can’t really consent, to being sexually assaulted, because she didn’t know how to refuse and kind of had a crush on her writing mentor. Her parents don’t believe her and you know the drill. Her teacher does not only not want to have anything to do with her, but he also steals her words and publishes a book based on her diary. Every aspiring writer needs to watch this film. It was simply beautiful, It made it to my top 10 of the month among with many Globe or Academy nominated titles. This is exactly the type of film I wanted to see Emily VanCamp do after Revenge.


Lions for Lambs

I hated that we didn’t get to see Redford’s character’s reaction to the final deaths. I did enjoy it as a whole, but it all just seemed too fast, and I don’t think the kid would enlist. Especially if he heard what happened to the original guys. I don’t think I’ve met a person who would have signed up for this programme. I don’t think that Meryl and Tom’s film long conversation was necessary, but s a whole, the film was definitely intriguing.

Nowhere else have I seen such lions led by such lambs.

Why did we send 150,000 troops to a country that did not attack us, and one-tenth that number to the one that did?
How many times are you people going to ask the same question?
Till we get the answer.

Says the man in the air-conditioned room.



I have been postponing watching this one long enough. Jennifer Carpenter was only in two scenes, but it was a nice thriller.


My Sweet Audrina

Even though I do not remember the book well enough, I do believe this script exaggerates behavior of already psychotic characters . My Sweet Audrina is a story of a girl who was gang raped by a bunch of teenagers when she was only 9. If you follow films that portray sex crimes, you will run into this one sooner or later. I very much hated the happy ending. It ruined whatever was good about the film. Why did they make the guy seem faultless? I know we’re not supposed to expect much from Lifetime films, but they should have tried more. I enjoy My Sweet Audrina as a story, especially the family trying to protect her from the truth, and if you haven’t read the book, you will probably figure it all out before the characters tell you.



What was even the point of this film? The only good part is when the son turned out -spoiler- not to be hers.


Charlie’s Farm

Like every other bad horror, so don’t do this to yourself.



You need to live in the UK to see how low budget this film was. One block of flats, 20 people. It didn’t make sense half the time and it ended horribly.


The Abandoned

Watchable probably only for security people. If you’re not a CCTV Operator or a Night Guard, you will most likely not like this film. I am both, and as I always enjoy films that feature security work, I made it through. Sure we were all asking why did the girl walked down the forbidden corridor especially on her first day, but that’s just what happens in bad horror films. I am disappointed with the ending as well.