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I tried to do a lot, and I still have to review so many episodes! Good thing I have 7 shifts this week, so part 2 tomorrow.

Greys 12.09

This episode wasn’t exactly necessary. Meredith has been through enough. I was really scared Shonda would make an SVU episode out of it, but thank god, knock on wood she didn’t think of that. But you have to admit, that opening narration did suggest it. Zola was being a little brat and I felt so sorry for Mer when the kids didn’t wanna see her. Alex was either crying or about to cry through the whole episode, which is exactly how every fan of the show felt. Ellen crushed it, her performance was incredible this week. I honesntly couldn’t even look at the screen, because of her pain was just too hurting.

Or the silence will kill you.


Shameless 6.01

Shameless is back! Who else is really happy? How are you liking this season? I think it’s a little weaker one. And what happened to Deb? Why does she insist on having that kid? She was supposed to be the one Gallagher that actually accomplishes something. And now it looks like it’s gonna be Lip.

It’s the ghetto. Lots of noises in the ghetto.
That Turkish idiot.
You’re pregnant.
I’m I’m late for work, and you all look like you haven’t had gainful employment for decades, so if you don’t mind, I’ll just, um Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
Well, Jesus freaking Chr If a man can’t find a little comfort from the Catholic Church, maybe it’s time to admit Martin Luther had a point.
Let’s give the Lutherans a try.
What could you possibly have to confess? Your cooch dried up before Nixon went to China.
Guess our reputation as a shithole still stands.
Lots of kids have to take it up the ass to survive?
He set his dad on fire.
We’d like to talk to you about the baby.
What else did I miss?


Castle 7.09

Finally a Martha episode, they don’t show her often enough. A Pitch Perfect kind of episode with accapella groups. I like how protective Espo and Ryan are of Beckett. I know that Swetlana is one of the most common Russian names, but I hoped Castle would reference Shameless.

Castle, we talked about this! You can’t be here!
Castle, what’s the 911?!
Or someone! You cheat on her. You cheat on us!
He told us about Swetlana.
I only have one specialty, performance.
We still like Martha.


The Middle 7.11

Sue wants to join a sorority, but as always, no one wants her. She finds her first college friend in the process. We rewatched the episode where Sue spends the whole day in the sun holding her hand on the car to win it. And even though she wins, she doesn’t get the car, as it’s another Frankie’s ex boss’s scam, and she wins a trip to Disney World instead. Sue is not crashed at all. My dad said this is exactly what we should do with our lives. Strive to be this happy. Mike being clueless about Twitter, is just like my dad is with the computer.

Angelina Jolie was never in a sorority.
Like murder mystery with poop.
You seem like you’re really into being happy.
I can call them myself, you just need to tell me who sets it up.
What would the call time be like.
Is this what rejection is?
Yep. Luckily you’re with a pro.


The Middle 7.12

Sue just isn’t fit for critical thinking. Brick imitating Mike with ‘Why I I I’

Why’d you come to college?
Because I graduated high school.
But I’m not a critical person.
When mom flirted with that bag boy, I got his name and his Wallmart ID number.
You and Axl are pretty much the same person.
You and Axl are the drama queens of our house


The Good Wife 7.11

Yes, The Good Wife is ending with this season. Are we sad? Not really as the last two season weren’t interesting at all. I mean they tried to make Peter a president, what? I’ll miss Eli, that’s for sure. Everyone else, not so much. The show isn’t addictive. You can’t obsess over it like some other dramas, so sure I’ll miss it, but it won’t be a struggle, like with so many other shows, Private Practice, Dexter, The Big C, Desperate Housewives or even Lost to name a few. I thought of another Sunday show today, Revenge, as I was watching The Middle and Axl mentioned it a couple of times. There are 8 more episodes, so don’t worry we’ll get to say goodbye. Episode nine was probably this season’s weakest.

Alicia broke all the plates and wears sunglasses all episode.

I would have said yes.
There was a young man in love with me.
I would go back to Criminal Law 101.
Your sister is Grace?
She likes you.Peter’s not number one. She is.


How To Get Away With Murder 2.10

Wes would have never got into Annalise’s class if she didn’t know his mom! Also, Annalise had a baby? Did she give it up for adoption?

Hurry, before Bonnie gets back.
You’d fall apart if they blamed him for this
Don’t make things up.
They’re my records. They should be gay.
You all belong in hell.
She didn’t do it.
She just broke priveledge.
I shot Annalise Keating.
I was drugged by Philip Jessup.
You wanted to die that night.
You knew I wouldn’t let you do it if I was there.
We didn’t call Asher that night. None of us had his number. If we did none of that would have happened.
I get it now. Why my mom did it.
You knew my mother, didn’t you?
You knew her. That’s why I’m here. Why I got in from the waitlist.
He’s adorable.
I think you’ve ruined me. Get out!


Younger 2.01

From what we’ve noticed so far, Layla’s daughter is annoying. Diana chipped her tooth.


Younger 2.02

How come every time I see you, you look younger.
You know who I really am. And that’s too much, or too little.
We’re gonna be 26 year old bosses!


Younger 2.07

I got a 40year old shoulder when putting on my backpack the next day I watched this episode.

I think there’s a pattern.
They also called it a 40 year old shoulder.
He was up everyone’s ass.
I fell of the eliptical this morning.
All we need is one chapter.
30? Who are you kidding?
Bitch, there is no book!
As long as the check clears, I’m good.


Pretty Little Liars 6.11

They moved 5 years forward, to avoid them being separated. This way it’s much easier to put them all in one place. The first episode after 5 years ended just like the pilot did., with a funeral.

We’re the brotherhood of ex-boyfriends.
We have scars to prove it.
Everywhere she went it was like she saw something she wanted to forget.
I couldn’t see the point to it. To college. To anything.
N0. I would not feel safe.


The Simpsons 27.11

This is what happens when you buy cheap food, maybe not that fast, but since when does cheap mean good.

I’m tired of my son having a mustache like a pool boy.
She’s never seen an episode of Friends.
Even The one with…


The Simpsons 27.12

The Simpsons isn’t really that funny this season.

Swipe left on that accusation.