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An underrated masterpiece. It tells a story of a man who tries to save a little girl from life of prostitution, by taking her on a trip. They soon form a bond, not pedophile/child one, though she does catch him having sex with a woman which breaks her heart. After a week he takes her back home and tells her they will never see each other again, and the film ends with her crying and running after his truck. It was a breathtaking experience, you all need to see. For all SVU fans, it stars that girl who got stabbed by her loving sister on Halloween night in season 16. That SVU episode did not indicate what a great actor she’s going to become, but this one does. Lamb was better than half of the films nominated for Oscars this year. I need to get it on DVD asap.


Exit Speed

It was fantastic, especially for a TV movie. A wonderful thriller starring Lea Thompson and that other guy from Dexter, Quinn was it? A bunch of people take a bus to Las Vegas and get attacked by a motorcycle gang. They end up going to some abandoned garage in the middle of nowhere and they are forced to kill all the gang members in order to survive. I recommended it to my friend and she just loved it, and I guarantee, you’ll love it too.


The Keeping Room

The film wasn’t special, but the rape was accurate. A couple days ago I reviewed a film called Joy Division which focused more or so on a girl being raped by the Red Army in 1945 when World War II ended. I wrote there about over 2 million women being gang raped in German, Polish and even Russian etc. in 1945, and how it was the biggest mass rape in history. Some women were raped up to 70 times during 1945.  Now, the statistics for Civil War are not as drastic, because no one told the soldiers to ‘take what’s theirs’ like the Red Army, but as in any war, rapes were very common. The Keeping room perfectly shows how vulnerable women were without men to protect them, when armed men entered their houses. The ending was not well thought of, as they dressed up as men and joined Union Army, but I’m sure sure someone’s gonna notice. Starting with, how are they going to pee? Standing up? Trivia fact, the film was shot in Romania. To read my review of Joy Division click here: Joy Division


Crimson Peak

Was it Stephen King who advertised it on Twitter? I loved the scene where we found out the siblings had an incestious relationship and Jessica Chastain’s ‘if I can’t have you, no one will’ attitude. I will definitely buy it on DVD, as I’ve already seen it twice.


And Soon the Darkness

I need to get my hands on the original one. The remake was great. I love it when naive girls go into some small towns and get kidnapped. Why don’t girls think about these things? I recommend it to everyone who follows sex crimes.


The Bridge

The Hallmark romantic comedy one. Apparently it was part one and we’ll have to wait a till next Christmas to see the rest. It is a sweet film, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who hates that th second part takes place a couple years later.


Stalked by My Doctor

Eric Roberts plays a pervy doctor, who just can’t stop himself. The film, despite being a Lifetime production, was very enjoyable.



I thought they would show us how they struggle to get out of the car, instead they just sat there and tried to pull some backstory. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.



I saw the DVD a few months ago when I was shopping, and thought, amazing cover, it has to be good. It wasn’t and I waited for it to appear on Neftlix. I have no clue why a bunch of dead kids would want an infant baby of a teenager, but sure. The teenager is played by one Rose Chloe, best known for playing one of Degrassi’s best characters, Katie. Katie was the one who was bulimic before coming to Degrassi, got addicted to pain killers after a sports injury, and ended up getting a darker glow up and considering sleeping with a rich guy to pay for college tuition. I liked Katie. The Hellions storyline did not add up much, how did the kid get from 2 weeks to 9 months, no one will ever know. For some reason it reminded me of the fantastic horror Trick or Treat, which is always a good thing.