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Fuller House has been renewed for season 2! After just 5 days! Are you guys just loving it?

Since I’m going on a holiday this Saturday, here’s part 1 of the remaining reviews.

Greys 17.11

The little Kepner wanting to have 3 children was adorable. Why on Earth didn’t she say she was pregnant? I honestly never could stand Avery, now it’s pure hate.


SVU 17.10

A case about a tacher sleeping with her students, meanwhile a wrestling coach sexualy assaults boys.

Danger of getting laid.
There are two predators in the same school.
Predators know who to pick on.
I woke up, because his mouth was on me.
It wasn’t your fault. It was nothing. It didn’t mean anything. You were drugged and your body reacted.
Whatever he may have made you do.
He’s the kid who got it from the wrestling coach.


SVU 17.11

One of the best episodes this season where Olivia goes to the house of a family her babysitter works for, and ends up being one of the hostages. The 16 year old daughter is raped, and Olivia once again cannot stop the rapist. The mother then calls and asks how are their kids and they answer they#’re okay but no one tells her her daughter has been raped. The girl’s brother was screaming Somebody help her, Make him stop’ which made it excrutiantly painful.

I just yelled ‘Stop police!’, but I’m not police.
All you have to do this go in there.


SVU 17.16

Liv and Tucker, seriously? Remember when he was always on hers and Elliot’s asses and basically hated them both? A vlogger gets raped and Rollins does something very stupid. Why would she risk being raped for one victim? They should have had one of her followers attack her, not some random pseudo celebrity. We all knew the new sergeant would run the place, just because of his daddy, and Liv would be left behind.

I’m a vlogger. My followers want to know anything that happens to me.
You didn’t deserve what happened to you.
Her exact words?
I don’t know her head was in my lap.
You used yourself as bait?
They tried to rape me.
Rollins in my office, please.
She lied to me. She said she didn’t post it.


Castle 8.10

A good Castle episode, that’s a shocker. I know I should contemplate every week, but there’s nothing to contemplate. But then Castle wanted to get thrown in jail and we remembered why we love it so much.

I went to high school with Nina. What high school?
I’m gonna get thrown in jail.
Joanna, how would you like to have a character in my next novel named after you?
How about a villain?


The Middle 7.15

What is going on with The Middle? This is definitely the weakest season.

Who’s that?
None of your business.
You would recognise it cause you never talk.


The Middle 7.16

Weakest episode of the season.

Free Wifi and a nice view.
Let me just stick my head out so I know what’s our new address.


Younger 2.8

I just love this show.

Millennial Print, you really are shameless.
What do creative directors do exactly?
Someone else’s coke mostly.
That girl is something special.
Assistants don’t have a lunch.
I’m not 26, I’m 40.
Now I’m interested.
Now I got another shot at my 20s.
According to New York Times you don’t exist.
Liza, are you crying?
I’m just so happy for you.


Scandal 5.11

I am loving this Liv/Mellie friendship. Carlos Solis joins the cast.

Because that Muppet is in love with you.
I left for the same reasons you stayed.
That’s what you write.You write that you were scared. That you couldn’t stand up to him. You didn’t need Fitz to give you the power. You had that power all along. It just took you a little longer to realize.
Get out your laptop, start typing.


Scandal 5.12

I loved how Cyrus staged for Carlos from Desperate Housewives to get shot, just so he can be the hero.

It’s easy , you just need to be in touch with your inner child.
Since you’re my only friend now, you can call me Fitz.


How to get Away with Murder 2.11

Ask miss Winterbottom. Clearly she’s the only one listening.
Don’t feel bad when i’m gonna end up shooting myself.
Wes went to the health centre to get some sleeping pills and they checked him into the psych ward.
You’re fired. My old Bonnie is back.
First year’s the hardest and I’m so behind.She needs therapy.
We all need therapy.
I killed Lila.


How to get Away with Murder 2.12

Oh, I hope Wes killed his mom.

Let mommy take care of it the way she always does.
Now what, mommy?
Now I have five of them and it’s the worst experience of my life.
When he applies to law school she helps him get in.
That one of you will be Wes Gibbins.
Is it true? Did Wes kill his mother?


Grandfathered 1.17

So do I just pay him in cash when he gets here?
This is Juliet.
Where’s Romeo?


Grandfathered 1.18

Is this really how they want to finish this and possibly the show’s only season? With them dating other people? It was the show’s worst episode. Also, too sex crazed, and not enough Granfdfather-ing.

With this Sarah this happened?


Pretty Little Liars 6.17

Now the new A has Emily’s fingerprints on the murder weapon.

That person may be storing my future offspring.
I’ll sleep when I’m unemployed.You get a chance to make people better than yourself.
You are the writer in the family.
We’re all different people now.
At least one of us will have a degree that matters.
You need to start talking before our baby does.
The protagonist is not Aria. We never meade it past Philly.
I think it’s fate. People who were meant to be together take a break and find a way back to their first love.
We graduated and we grew up.


The Simpsons 27.14