Who will even watch Castle without Beckett? Every Castle fan ever is feeling very crappy this week as Stana Katic was written off Castle. (Lanie too) No one wants to see Castle, Alexis and that new PI in LA or NY or wherever as long as Beckett is not with them.

Greys 12.18

I just love CCTV portrayal in films and TV, as that’s what I do for a living. And yep, that door opened.

Mom’s in OR 1, dad’s in OR 2.


Greys 12.19

Who would have thought I’d be Callie and Arizona fighting for custody, not April and Avery. When I heard Callie say Arizona can come visit I thought why is she so sure, she’ll get custody, cause Arizona cheated? And then as Arizona was sitting at that lawyer’s office, I remembered that Callie is Sofia’s biological mother, and however unfair it feels (Arizona raised that child from day 1), Callie has custodial priority. The jury with Maggie and Meredith and Owen was just the perfect fit. Ben calling Tuck his kid was just the cutest, also when Bailey called him Benjamin. I am so happy they changed the kid who plays Sophia, cause this one is a cutie. Also, why does the new Zola look so much like Shonda? Is that her kid?

I know I’m only here for support…
About, I don’t know a 100 feet.

So I don’t leave our child asleep in his bed.


SVU 17.13

Sometimes the more witnesses, the less help.
I learned to function while drunk.
I think she’ll be drinking by Friday night.


Shameless 6.05

We are so organized for a homeless family.
Never fails, Gallagher crisis, Frank is drunk and high.
We got evicted.


The Good Wife 7.13

That monologue. Probably best of The Good Wife of all times.

He just whispered Help Me.
Sir, if you want my help…
Sometimes I want to pull covers over my head and never do anything. I’m drinking like I never had before.
And al I wanna do is have another one.
Now I’m sick to death of everything.
I’m stuck in this stupid little apartment.
I’m not build to be an unhappy person wondering what ever happened to my life.
Do you have any guns in this apartment?


How To Get Away With Murder 2.15

Hmm, is Frank gone?

What’s wrong with you, you stupid?
I live alone, it’s not that bad.
Micheala relax, I know how to handle this.
Caleb killed my mother.
Because I’m in love with him.
Are we supposed to believe any of that?
Why do you keep doing it? Believing what men tell you.
He needs to go.


Nashville 4.15

I’m obsessed with that Wild Car song.

I’ve been with him since I was 14.
I’m a sick chick, I’m a real sick chick.
To the man I have always thought of as my father.
Everybody’s got a sad song and this one’s mine.
To tell the truth, I always knew I’d be one.
Like choosing the band leader.
I miss performing.


Faking It 3.04

Another good episode, also every time Lauren or someone else says What the Fuck the show gets better.

With all the lesbians this summer.
She really fucked me this time.
I didn’t choose my label. I’m stuck with it.
You refuse to label, how convenient for you.
If I talk about it, it’s real.
Somebody asked me today what normal even means and I didn’t have a good answer. Maybe I need to find one.


Faking It 3.05

I love Parent Trap, both of them and It Takes Two probably even more, so i enjoyed this episode.

I’m frustrated that you’re going down her rabbit hole again.
Two Lindsay Lohan have nothing on us.
I know you’ll be busy Parent Trapping.
I was the first person to come out, in 4th grade.
I want you as my sister.


American Crime Story 1.01

Started off great, but why is he sleeping with his lady in his friend’s daughter’s bed?

He didn’t ask how she died.
Please don’t kill yourself in my daughters room.
You want your kids to grow up with no parents?
Oh my God, we’re gonna look like morons.