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The Vanishing

A great thriller that everyone has to see. The ending, not as much disappointing as depressing, proves how pointless life can be. I have no clue why would Sandra Bullock’s character be so stupid to get into a car with a stranger to buy a freaking watch for her boyfriend just because she saw a picture of the stranger with his family. The girlfriend was a little absurd as well, why would you risk your life for someone you’ve met a couple months ago? The film also stars Jeff Bridges and Kiefer Sutherland. I need to watch the original soon, as I heard some interesting details that would have made this remake even better.


A Long Way Down

What a wonderful film. If not the happy ending, it would get a 10. I guess we need happy endings to remain hopeful. I may reach for the book as I wrote down so many important quotes. If you ever thought that you can’t go on or life doesn’t make any sense, trust me, this film will feel like a good friend.


The Boy

The Boy is trying to copy the whole living in the walls concept. There was this Irish horror last year called Housebound that also had a person hiding in the walls. If you want to see a good film about people living in walls, go watch Wes Craven’s masterpiece, People Under the Stairs, not these two. A true horror experience. The Boy could be so much better if only the doll actually had some spirit in it and actually moved by itself. This was just wanna be Annabelle or Chucky or that puppet from Goosebumps. The atmosphere through the first half of the film is why I’m gonna recommend this film. The biggest question of the film is, why, even, get a doll? Why pretend that’s their son? Annabelle was a mediocre film, but at least the doll moved and actually killed people, the special charm of Annabelle is the paranormal history behind the doll. Here we wait for horror to happen, and nothing. Recently I watched this other British film featuring a haunted doll called Robert based on a legend and it was creepier than this, even though it was a little worse as a whole.



A partially fun comedy with Robin Williams, Cheryl Hines and JoJo. Who wouldn’t want to rent an RV and go on a road trip? Yeah, you won’t after watching this film. RV’s bathroom will make you reconsider. Other than the shitty explosion, literally, some jokes were actually good. Including Robin hanging on to wipers as the RV falls downhill. I loved the daughters relationship at the beginning when she calls him names, but they both know she loves him, as that’s exactly what life is. If you have or had this kind of relationship with your dad (I don’t see how it would work with mom) than congrats, cause that’s love and I’m lucky to have that. If you’re a real fan of either family films or Robin Williams, watch it, if not, you’re get bored and start screaming cheesy halfway through.


The Great Outdoors

Hmm so Annette Benning did crappy films like this one in the late 80s? That’s interesting. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that family films from the late 80s/90s are my jam. This one isn’t. When I saw this title was going to expire soon on Netflix, I didn’t think twice when I saw John Candy’s name listed in the cast? I loved Uncle Buck and John Candy seemed like one of the most approachable and nice people, so I was excited to get into it. 10 minutes in and I was already disappointed. Not as much as with another John Candy film I watched about two weeks later, Summer Rental. Now that was a tragedy. Reminded me of that film with Boy Scouts and that villain from Home Alone. It must be the woods. It was not very good, if you can, skip it.


Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You

The title! Just amazing. You’d give it a chance too, if you heard these words. The main character was a little annoying at times, but I enjoyed it as a whole as it was relatable at many parts. Existentialism is essential to all teenagers turning adults. Without it life would be incomplete. Not sure why he made a prank on his boss, that seemed a little off. There were a few smaller plots that required skipping to better the film, but it is what it is, and it’s not that bad.


Kill Your Darlings

No one told me Michael C. Hall aka Dexter or David Fisher is in it, as I would have seen it ages ago. I get that Daniel Radcliffe’s character was gay, but the pointless sex scene, which played at the same time as an important character was being killed was simply rude. Also, the film didn’t need that sex scene, but hey, whatever sells. Nothing is implied anymore. It’s important to remember that is to some extent a biography of these important writers.


Postman Pat: The Movie

Postman Pat is a children series from my childhood. The film more or less massacred the memory. After watching this, I realized that half of Pat’s charm was that it wasn’t an animation, but dolls. Did Pat have a son in the original series? I don’t remember. Most of the characters that played an important role in the series were only shown from the distance and never had any dialogue. While there were tons of new characters no one wanted to get to know. Was there such a big post office in the series? With a few postmen? I thought it was just Pat. Guys, do you remember the episode where there was a blizzard and Pat could not deliver the mail cause it has snowed in that badly? I still remember how he was trying to get through the snow even though I haven’t seen the show in over 16 years. And here, it just randomly came to mind. There were some parts that were fun, but the whole Pat’s clones/The X Factor/Simon Cowell thing was a huge no. And that unfortunately was the whole film. I am very glad that Postman Pat was a part of my early childhood, but I’m also glad the film wasn’t.