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As you’ve heard MTV axed Faking It and as sad as it may be, we’re not surprised. Where do I start? Karma’s parents decide to live in an open relationship with this one lady. Pass. There’s a new chick in town who pretends to be confused just to win Amy over Karma. The very sketchy girl is with whom Amy ends up at the very end of the series. What the f. No words can describe how disappointing this season was. Karma ended up with Felix also at the very last minute of the show, even though they could not care less about each other. Lauren desperately wants to be a successful youtuber, instead of embracing her inter-sexuality, she uses it to get followers. There were some funny moments, for example Karma’s ‘Hump Day’ video going viral. The show introduced a transgender character, sadly much too late. After all, It was a pretty good show, that gave voice to people of different sexualities.

This is how I rated the show each week.

1. 3
2. 3
3. 10
4. 7
5. 6.5
6. 0.5
8. 2
9. 2.5
10. 2

Giving us a total of 39.5 points, divided by 10 episodes = 3.95

Not even a 4.

The show averaged at either 5 or 4, but the quality of the script kept dropping rapidly, in result giving us only 3.95.

There was only one episode worth watching. Episode 3, where Amy tells Karma she’s hurting, as she may still have feeling for her, and Karma replies that a part of her wants Amy to love her.

The script improved since the second half of season 2, but not excessively. Seocind half of Season 2 got only 1.95 from me (19.5/10 episodes), an absolute disaster. Now the first half of season 2 was much better: 5.15. I haven’t got into rating season 1, as I started watching the show a few days before season 2 began. I will rate it one day just to know, as I have a feeling it was a little above 6.

There were very few memorable moments this season:

  • Karma telling Amy she doesn’t know how to be friends with her as she doesn’t want Amy to suffer.
  • Amy pinning all labels to her chest.
  • Amy telling Karma with the other girl she could have what Karma couldn’t give her.
  • The new girl saying while pretending to be gay, she realized she really is gay, which is exactly what happened to Amy back in season 1, and what we were told would happen to Karma at the end of the first half of the final season.

And to wrap up, some of my favorite quotes of the season:

‘There’s a clear pattern of you kissing girls.’

‘Maybe I’m not 100% over you and maybe there’s a part of me that never will be.’
‘Maybe a small part of me does want you to be in love with me.’
‘I don’t wanna keep hurting you but I don’t know how to be your friend without hurting you.’
‘I don’t know either.’