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Hi guys, this is my 300th post, enjoy!

Greys 12.24

Still crying over Calzona never happening. There may have been warnings, but it’s still unbelievably hard to let go of a character you love. We deserved so much more. I hate that we didn’t get an appropriate closure with Callie. But most of all, I’m mad she left! Tremendously sad and angry about all this. Very happy about Benjamin cutting Kepner’s baby out on Meredith’s kitchen table. According to my notes this episode was 24/10, so that says something. I always download every single song featured on Greys, so I am currently obsessed with that new Rihanna song.
Can’t expect her to be Cristina.
I’ve had the love of my life.
Who? Izzie?
I am sober!
You’ve no idea how many people have locked themselves in that bathroom.
Stuff your feelings in!
Mer and I, the two of us, we’ve been through hell.
He left her to me and she left you to me.
Derek was supposed to walk me down the isle. He walked every one of my sister to the isle.
Nothing’s wrong with Owen.
He could use some sun.
I presented you with a menu of options and you chose to run.
Who has that twice?
Okay, can’t think of anyone.
Richard Webber.
Thank you!
He doesn’t even know my real name.
Poor guy, he loved me so much.
You showed superb technique. You saved two lives today.
I’m saying let’s all be happy.


SVU 17.20

This is one of the most common cases. I have friends who got into the modeling industry and quit just as quick as they were discovered after seeing their fellow friends go through this.

I didn’t want him to do that.
She took pictures of the rape.
Yes, rape.
I warned her about this creep.
That bruise wasn’t there last night.
Is this art or porn?
Is that the camera you used during the shoot?
Sally didn’t want what he did to her.
This woman sets up models to be raped.
She looks terrified!
He doesn’t ask, he takes.
That story has a happy ending, she’s pimping for him now.
When I stimulated violence, she got off on it.


SVU 17.21

Another wonderful episode. SVU takes down every Bachelerotte-like reality series. Olivia and Fin’s reactions to Amanda and Carissi eating dinner together were priceless.

Who actually watches this show?
Wait, I don’t remember any of this.
Did you see what I just saw?
Did they just air rape?
Did Ryan rape me?!
That could be rape.
They said it wasn’t.
She signed a waver.
So I’m not a virgin anymore?
This girl didn’t realize she was raped until she saw it on live TV?
I got an STD from the rape!
He put it in her only for a couple seconds.


The Good Wife 7.22

The disappointing finale. Alicia messed up her relationships with everyone, to yet again, save Peter. I am only happy they brought Will back. What’s with Sutton Foster’s extremely short cameo?

Look at me, do I look like I’m breaking down?
It’s a ringtone. It’s a freaking ringtone.
Someone else’s she was using her cell to call 911.
You were always drunk, loling around.
Good to see you again.
Again, where was I?
It’s good to see people find their purpose.
Grace said she’s gonna drop out of college to visit you in prison.


Castle 8.20

Funny as always.

I grew up here, experimenting with costumes, makeup.
These fine gentlemen are constables.
Richard Castle is leading the case with the help from NYPD.
His yolo credit card, if he passes a gas station.
Typy, typy, typy.


Nashville 4.20

Where was Candace when they were shooting The View part!? Elton John played on Nashville, and Nashville still got cancelled.

She’s everything. Without her music doesn’t mean anything. Nothing means anything.
I can’t. It hurts too much.