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Season 27 of The Simpsons may have been the weakest yet, but that hasn’t stopped us from having fun. This season Marge and Homer’s relationship was put to test, fortunately at the end it was revealed Homer was just sleeping through their therapy session and it was all a dream, Marge flying to space with Lisa and proving to be the best in all the chores, Bart was killed by Sideshow Bob and The Simpsons went on a trip to Great Canyon episode with Flanders and his kids.

This is how I rated the show over the last 8 months.

1. 8
2. 3.5
3. 2.5
4. 4
5. 3.5
6. 3.5
7. 5.5
8. 2.5
9. 2
10. 3.5
11. 5
12. 3.5
13. 5.5
14. 0.5
15. 5
16. 5.5
17. 10
19. 10
20. 4.5
21. 2.5
22. 9

Giving us a total of 105.5 points, divided by 22 episodes = 4.8

Some of the best episodes of the season included episode 17 – focusing on Mr. Burns ; and episode number 19 when The Simpsons accompanied by Flanders went on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

The funniest moments and quotes of the season include:

  • Homer’s ‘No one outfats me.’
  • Homer taking a picture of his car to remember where he parked, unfortunately he didn’t think to take a picture of the floor and the parking space number.
  • Smithers being more obsessed with Mr Burns than ever, and Mr Burns blindly saying things like ‘Smithers come up from my rear and grab me.’ could not make it any easier on him, even though he wasn’t complaining.
  • Homer was using his newfound medical condition, narcolepsy as an excuse to everything, and Mr Burns tolerating it not to get sued or something.
  • Marge taking on everyone who’s to lazy to wash their hair everyday, so all of us saying ‘Doesn’t look like she uses that much shampoo either’.
  • ‘Sleeping through our therapy session.’ I mentioned above.
  • ‘The Gilbert family has learnt a valuable lesson. Screw everything.’
  • Apu’s ‘Buddism is really just quitting in yoga pants.
  • Flanders ‘Halloweening The Simpsons’s house’
  • ‘Yes, there are intruders in my basement. Do I have the right to shoot?’ – Fun fact, I have a friend who actually did this, asked the police if he has the right to restrain a guy who attacked him a few days prior and let me just say he ended up with a black eye.
  • Lisa briefly went goth
  • When Homer doodled on official report
  • Homer got a nice seat as people thought he was pregnant.
  • Marge’s conversation about a lady not seeing a single episode of Friends. ‘She’s never seen an episode of Friends.’Even The one with…”No.’
  • ‘Swipe left on that accusation.’ is a phrase we all need to start using
  • When Homer misinterprets yoga class for yogurt class, if only they actually showed it to us ‘I thought it was yogurt class’
  • When Mr Burns dictated his autobiography ‘I’m dictating my autobiography’
  • When Homer couldn’t calculate taxes right ‘The Government owes us 2 million dollars’ ‘Check again’ ‘We owe them 37 dollars’.
  • ‘20% which is what your phone needs to stay in the green’ is another phrase I will start using
  • When Lisa CPR’d a racoon ‘While dozens of unheroic onlookers just stood around’
  • ‘Moms spend their whole lives obsessing over unlikely catastrophes. In space, that’s what you’re supposed to do.’
  • They made a Downton Abbey sketch while the song Downtown played
  • Homer running after an ice cream truck yelling ‘Ice cream! Come back, don’t make me jog’
  • Lisa summing up Homer and Bart as ‘A husband who rarely shows up to work.
    A son that is headed for the chair’
  • Homer wrongly correcting Flanders ‘In America it’s pronounced ‘job’.
  • When we were told to ‘Collect at every age’ and ‘As seen in this episode’
  • When Homer said ‘The most glorious sign is Toilet’
  • Lisa reading a book titled ’10 000 places to see before you’re 10′ I’m sure most of us have seen maybe 2 or 3 of those.
  • The always relatable ‘I’d never think there’s be something I’d want to stare longer than that car wreck on the way here’
  • Homer again saying what we all think ‘I can’t stand rich people.’
    Homer’s ‘Jeez Flanders. You find God in everything’
  • When Homer gave Lisa Annabelle the doll as a present
  • Homer kicking and screaming at a vending machine for speaking French ‘Stop speaking French!’
  • When The Simpsons threw shade on Barbara Streisand ‘Barbara Streisand once forgot the words to a song and didn’t perform for 3 decades’
  • When Marge went to jail
  • ‘Silvester Alone’
  • Milhouse’s ‘I could have married a woman who didn’t look exactly like me, but that would’ve been crazy’
  • When Chief Wiggum did not understand it was his son who got lost
  • And the most important, when they assured us that ‘The Simpsons will never end’

The show averaged at either 4 or 3 throughout the whole season.Falling beyond 4 at episode 8, and getting significantly better at episode 16.

Looking at the numbers from last year,

The average rating of Season 26 was 6.8

Here’s the link to my last year’s rating:


I only summed up the first half of season 25, and the average grade was: 7.1

Link to the first half of season 25