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An important show that deserved a second chance. There were some unnecessary story-lines that made the show less interesting. The idea of chipping sex offenders is game changing. I did feel that the two main ladies were a bit boring and not strong enough. At first, I was mad when ‘Adam’ turned out not to be The Warrens’ son. But then, four episodes later, they revealed that Ben is a boy who was held captive along with Adam, kidnapped much earlier than Adam. Only the ‘trying to understand a pedophile, and following a recovery of a sex crime victim’ parts were impressive. No one cared about the election or all the other drama.

This is how I rated the show each week.

1. 10
2. 9
3. 4
4. 4
5. 5.5
6. 7.5
7. 9
8. 10
9. 8
10. 10
11. 10
12. 8

Giving us a total of 95 points, divided by 12 episodes = 8.0

The show averaged at either 6 or 7 throughout the whole season, getting better with each episode since episode 6.

Some of the best episodes of the season included: the pilot; episode 8 – when the male cope figured it out and we thought he got himself killed; episode 10, when Hank waits the whole day and night at the police station with the evidence he uncovered; and episode 11 when the pedophile is investigated and we find out how exactly Hank got himself on the registry. Episode 10 is my most favorite.

Some of the most memorable moments and quotes of the series:

  • Neighborhood pedophile calling himself a ‘friendly neighborhood pedophile’
  • Hank mocking Claire saying ‘I hang out with sexual predators and we meet on Monday evenings and swap stories and play softball.’
  • ‘They say once you’ve left home, you can never go back.’- This sounds like that Miranda Lambert song that was featured in Fuller House’s first teaser
  • ‘That’s for Adam, he never got sweets down there.’
  • I was wearing these when he took me.
  • I need to touch the walls.
  • ‘I need back up. I found a metal door. It’s the Adam Warren investigation.’
    ‘I’m not the same person I was.’
    ‘So am I’
    ‘Yeah, but you have a good excuse.’
    ‘So do you.’
  • ‘I regret all those years complaining about Wifi being slow.’
  • ‘They should be chipped.’
  • ‘Do you think he’ll do it though? Take another one?’
    ‘The always do.’
  • ‘I got the results back, it’s not him.’
  • ‘Being alone changes you. Other voices dissappear until you can only hear your own.
  • Hank’s ‘Google me.’
  • ‘But my son had his appendix out when he was 5.’
  • ‘Adam? Ben?’
  • ‘Lucky for me, I was never alone.’
  • ‘He was there with him, for 10 years. He helped him, he knew him. He made Adam’s life bearable. Your son is dead.
  • ‘None of this makes me a kidnapper, at most it makes me a country song.’
  • ‘Just enough to build your trust, so it was confusing when he crossed the line.’
  • ‘We both know how this is gonna end for me. It’s not in a hug.
  • ‘Sex offenders registry. It’s a national database. You gotta do it yearly.’
  • ‘They notify your employer.’
  • ‘Because I watched your son too.’
  • ‘How do you know. That I’m gay?’
  • ‘I think I just came out to you.’
  • ‘I’ll spend the rest of my life wishing he was the one who got sick down there.’
  • ‘We’ll check if there’s any sex offenders in the area.’
    ‘There’s one.’
    ‘Really? How close?’
  • ‘You would be sitting in the corner slitting your wrists.’
  • ‘Nice to be here’
    ‘Why is that?’
  • ‘The dirty inmates. That’s when they clean the dirty.’
  • ‘There was a boy 12 years ago when we used to live.’
  • ‘Monsters don’t remember names. Girl scouts do.’
  • ‘Do you think Adam would have liked this?’
  • ‘We lost a child.’
    ‘And you have two left.’
  • ‘Our lives are screwed.’
    ‘I googled it. When you’re younger, you bounce back, kids are plastic.’
  • ‘Why’d you go with him?’
    ‘He had a dog.’
    ‘I don’t care if he had an elephant!’
  • Ben finally telling the brother ‘That was Adam, I am Ben.’
  • ‘For 10 years he was kept there like an animal. It’s not his fault he became one.’
  • ‘It’s a desire that you know you shouldn’t have but you want it anyway.’
    ‘That’s rape.’
    ‘Wanting it doesn’t make you a monster. Taking it does.’
  • ‘It’s some other kid taken even before Adam was taken.’
  • The ending where we learn Adam’s fate – ‘You took my life, I’m coming to get it back.’

I  already miss The Family and I really wanted to see everyone’s reaction to the real Adam’s fate.