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Sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been joggling 3 jobs – over 80 hours at the moment and I haven’t had time to watch nearly enough. I still have 2 Orange is the New Black episodes to watch and every other year I watched all 13 episodes in 1 day. I haven’t had time to watch the finale of Castle, any of the new Bones episodes,  SVU, Scandal and Bates Motel and When Calls the Heart season finales and wouldn’t be surprised if there were more. I also haven’t seen the last 2 Scream episodes which very unlike me since last year I literally counted down hours every week. I started watching Weeds and the first 3 seasons were worth-watching and then it all went downhill from there.

Congrats to Nashville on being brought back!
Shameless will be back in October not January!
Congrats to Younger on season 4!

Nashville 4.21

A beautiful finale. I knew they would pull a sexual assault storyline to get Maddie back and I am satisfied with how that went. Honestly, I couldn’t watch the finale before I knew the show was okay, and it is! Nashville has been brought back to life!

When I was her age he pretty muvh tried to force himself on me.
He pushed me on the couch.
That’s what happens, hun. And nothing actually happened, right?
Di you see what your mother wrote?
I was trying to commit suicide.
Did you touch my daughter? What about my life?


Scandal 5.20

I am relieved Susan chose to step down. She was the weak link. Are they planning to make her vice president to Mellie Grant? Two women in the office? How does Ronan still scare and push everyone around?

He’s a rapist.
His numbers went up!?
Classy piece of ass that lady.
Their filthy, inbreed hands. Country people.
That republican should be Mellie Grant.
Abby, he doesn’t know. No one knows.
Tell Liv I need help. Tell her I need to escape. Tell her I’m chasing the sun.


Scream 2.01

Scream is finally back! Very glad about this as it’s one of two shows that I will actually follow this summer, and this one is much better. My dad always says that no one can blame you for killing someone who was wearing a mask. You were scared and no one can prove you weren’t doing anything in your power to save your life. That’s what happened to Audrey. I am glad Jake got killed as he was extremely annoying. Episode 2, I am ready.

Get out of the booth, you idiot. We’re closed.
It was a prank!
Desperate act of defense wins.
You’re one of the Lakewood six.
You’re one of the survivor girls.
Sleep is overrated.
Noah’s got a little crush.
Just like Nightmare on Elm Street.
Ignoring anything is sure death.
See what you can do with this, boy interrupted.
I know what you did last summer, get it?
We shot her. That movie is over.
People call me the final girl, but we’re all final girls.
Everyone has a way they deal with what happened.
What’s this?


Scream 2.02

This show is nicely addictive. Episodes remain at the similar level of intrigue at all times. I am taunted to watch the two new episodes on my laptop, but it’s just much better to watch Netflix on a big screen unless you really have no time before something expires.

He had pictures of me as a kid!
Why does he have all those pictures of me on the wall?
Technically, there’s only 5 of us at the moment.Bi-curious and a virgin out of their retirement.
Noah named you. I just ranked you.
See how I finished the job for you, Audrey?


The Catch 1.08

She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she doesn’t trust anyone or anything.
That he is the man I fell in love with and it’s just those other people.~
And I wouldn’t have wasted a year of my life.
What if he’s the love of my life?
I think the love of your life is always the love you can’t have.
Is that all this is? Me wanting what I can’t have?
I choose you.


The Catch 1.09

Ms Patmore flew from the UK! why you found this in Downton Abbey category) Why is she assuming Alice doesn’t know about the necklace?

He never loved her
She  stopped that must be the place.
Prison Break.


The Catch 1.10

Ms Patmore back at it pretending to be a cook. The final scene of the season was surprisingly interesting. Mireille’s hair though always on point in this show, stole everyone’s focus in this episode.

I stole the painting. My name is Benjamin Jones, I stole from her and her clients. Let her go and take me.