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Finally had time to watch the few season finales I’ve been postponing. Not Castle though, I am too scared to finish Castle.

SVU 17.23

Woah, it’s the first time they mentioned Olivia’s middle name and it’s Margaret! My middle name is Margaret and I have always hated it, this is actually comforting. I never liked Dots. I didn’t get used to him and he always felt like a temporary replacement.

In situations like this..
Women get killed.
That man just threatened me. Shut the building down and get the footage.
You’re lieutenant Benson? Thank you for getting my grandkids out.
I left him in there. It’s on me.
I’m O negative, that works.
You can’t judge yourself for being relieved that you survived.
Olivia Margaret Benson.


Bates Motel 4.10

What a painful episode. Norma became one of my favorite leading ladies the minute I watched the pilot. I really hoped we still had a year before Norman kills her. This is sad, I watched the whole episode in a state of utter shock and blurriness. Have you guys seen The Conjuring 2 yet? Vera brings so much innocence and emotion to her character, I really hope she decides to come back for the third one.

She’s got the most beautiful blue eyes.
I do taxidermy.
I’m her husband, where the hell is she!?
I love you. I always will.
She was just beautiful before words.
Half queen, half little girl.
She had innocence in her.
Mother, oh mother!
Come on, mother, let’s take you home.
Mother, mother!


Scandal 5.21

Happy to see both Jake and Cyrus fight for the vice presidency.

My take is, he murdered the love of my life.
The shooting.
You set that up?! People died for no reason.
Student vs master. This election should be me and you.
I am not a white man, I got here on my own. I managed to escape you, like Liv managed to escape you. Unlike you, I earned it. This stage is mine.
The day of your brother’s wedding.
He won’t hurt you, you’re his son.
Cyrus Bean.


When Calls the Heart 3.10

How cute was that Elizabthe and Jack flashback montage? Rosemary and Lee have always been the cutest couple, they just clicked the first day, they’re both witty and fun. I’m glad they got married, and never had any foulish drama.

It’s Henry.
We can use the fabric I bought for my wedding.
Rosemary, your wedding dinner?
We need to move faster everyone, We’ve got to get away from the river.
You get yourself in one of those right now, or I will pick you up and toss you in there myself, rocking chair and all.
Where was the tea party?
In the pantry, by the river.
Jack, Maggie is missing, the children say she went by the river.
Maggie, where is Jack?
The water took him away.
Anyone who can ride a horse, follow me.
From the first day I met you, I knew that no matter what, we were meant for each other. I know God meant for us to have a life together.
Please stay with me, please.
The whole town is praying for you to get better.
I am the luckiest man in the world.
Not half as lucky as I am.


Scream 2.03

Was Audrey ready to kill her best friend? Just like that? A very average episode, interesting idea with Emma checking that log book to see in which room her father stays.

Piper murdered Riley months ago. You’ve been getting emails from a dead girl.
They’re memories, not opinions.
Any missing girls to report?
Is this old dude bothering you?
I fractured her jaw.
Someone here called the police?
I did.
Look under your seat.


Scream 2.04

What a crappy episode! Everyone is drugged and has a kissing orgy. Disgusted and very disappointed. When they didn’t have an orgy they didn’t do anything interesting, we learned that Emma keeps a dream journal and Jake was found in a Carrie kind of way.


Pretty Little Liars 7.01

Alison married the new A and k illed the old A, what? Aria was supposed to see who the Aussie/Brit was, heard a couple of Aussies talking and never talked to them, because she heard a song and went to hook up with Ezra, wtf? How is this show still on air? I though last season was shitty and this one will certainly beat season 6 in suckiness.

My parents knew you?
Aussie or British.
She’s talking to a British guy or possibly an Aussie.
We’re about to hand over one of our own.
I know you killed Charlotte.