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Stockholm, Pennsylvania

The main character, a 22 year old girl (Saoirse Ronan) escaped her captor to end up in hands of another, this time related to her. I don’t quite get why the father abandoned her and let his wife forbid him to see his daughter when he seemed so nice at the beginning. The ending was quite dazzling, as the crazy cycle continued. It was never explained how the main character escaped, how the kidnapper got caught or if her kidnapper sexually assaulted her, surprising as it may be, I really thing he didn’t. It seemed like he just wanted to have something to raise that was fully his, but without the perversity. Cynthia Nixon’s performance was alluring, I have seen her in some dramas after the SATC series, and this was most likely her best work. Saoirse brings her usual sensitivity to the film. Stockholm is an independent film, but it  deserved similar recognition to The Room.


The Diary of a Teenage Girl

To answer the main character’s question, yes, you are the only one who thinks this much about sex. Girls tend to think a little more about it before losing their virginity, but after the fact they only share the exceptional and exceptionally bad experiences with their friends. I know it was the 70s and people had more time to waste, but not everyone was sex crazed. One of the thing I enjoyed about the film was that ‘unnatural bond’ remark Christopher Meloni’s character made, forcing the mother (Kristen Wigg) to feel uncomfortable around her daughter. I enjoyed how the mother found out, and it was the first time I enjoyed watching Kristen Wigg act, I may check out more films of hers. I didn’t like her in Bridesmaids, or the film in general, I did love the shitting/puking scene. The Diary of a Teenage Girl is a good enough film, that I’ll never get on DVD or even watch again.

‘The point is that you fucked my daughter.’

‘Just keep drawing.’


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I needed a rewatch after watching that Ferris based The Goldbergs episode and feeling more nostalgic than usual. I skipped school 9 days a month, not a semester, so not sure what the hype is all about. The film felt much less eventful than when I watched it when I was Ferris’s age.

‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’


Reservoir Dogs

I never understood the appeal of this film. I do enjoy watching it once a decade, but I don’t get why people worship it. At least many men do. I know that women seem to hate it, but it’s not that it’s boring. It starts off interesting and then it just goes like every other gangster film, even though it isn’t even a gangster film. It’s just a bunch of guys making series of really bad decisions.



All I expected from this film were great special effects, and the Loch Ness monster hunt feeling, and that’s what we got. The monsters looked a little unnatural at the beginning with their metal heads, but their appearance got better throughout the film. I swear Richard T Jones plays a secondary character in half big budget action/catastrophic productions. I see him on my TV at least 3 times a year. I still don’t understand how the main character found his son. I saw more than a half of Elizabeth Olsen’s films, which I guess makes me a fan. She was fantastic in Silent House and Marcy May Marlene or whatever the order of those name was, both end up focusing on sex crimes, and I highly recommend these two.


A Guy Thing

Netflix, why don’t you stop adding crappy films? I wanted to turn it off, but then the guy caught a veneric disease and it got funny  for a second or two and then it was too late to turn it off.


Boogeyman 2

The first Boogeyman starring Emily Deschanel from Bones, made some sense, this just didn’t. Mae Whitman plays a self-harmer, there’s also a bulimic girl, an OCD guy and people with other phobias. Even if you’re into mental health films, which I am, you won’t find much about the character’s issues and they seem to unnecessarily explain every obvious aspect of their diseases which feels odd. I know when you like horror, you’re tempted to watch almost everything, but trust me, skip this one.