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Less than a month left till everything is back! I couldn’t be happier. The only problem is, that not many shows are actually back this season. These are the shows I review on here and their return dates according to European/Australian calendar. For US it’s all one day earlier, duh. One more TV post next Sunday and I’m ready for the Fall season to start! I’m spending my last days of summer rewatching early seasons of SVU, finishing 30 rock and maybe I’ll have time to start Friday Night Lights as well. Next week I’m back to work and then most of my favorite TV shows come back.

Grey’s Anatomy – Friday September 23rd
SVU – Thursday Sept 22nd
Shameless – Monday Oct 3rd
The Middle – Wednesday Oct 11th – still mad about this premiere date
The Goldbergs – Thursday September 22nd
How To Get Away With Murder – Friday Sept 23rd
Scream Queens – Wednesday 21th
The Simpsons – Monday Sept 26th

AHS – Thursday Sept 15th

Younger – September 29th

Jane The Virgin – October 18th
Transparent – Saturday Sept 24th
Secrets and Lies -Monday 26th – not sure If I’ll follow season 2 though

I will also be following The Voice this year as Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter Natasha Bure will be one of the contestants – The Voice – Tuesday September 20th

New shows I will be following

The Exorcist – Saturday 24th – Geena Davis is in it!
Frequency – Thursday October 6th
Man With A Plan – Tuesday October 25th
This is Us – Wednesday Sept 21

And… Gilmore Girls will be back on November 25th!

Bones 11.14

Good episode, as Bones is being reviewed because of her recent assault on the suspect. Oh and Angela had sex dream about her photography teacher which made me furious.

I’m not sorry for my actions.
They don’t need to know that.
That’s what photography is., finding the truth , the beauty where you least expect it.
You are incorrect again.
I will not be trying, I will succeed.


Scream 2.05

The school is on lock down and it gets interesting when someone slips Jake’s phone into Emma’s backpack, Emma fights with someone and someone gets killed.

I’ll be right back.
I can’t believe he just said that.
Your friends should be scared too, because they’re all gonna die.
Every time there’s a killer around, there’s always somehow a crazy Duvall left standing.
You know who does that? Serial killers.
You’re my favorite person in the world.


Scream 2.06

My favorite film is not Terminator, It’s Psycho, but It’s not something you say on the first date.
You’re not a monster. You’re a victim.


Grace and Frankie 2.08

Woah, they’re really obsessed with vagina talk and they won’t let lube go.

I will make room for cheese.
This is a great movement in history of vagina.
They’re gonna put me on the cover of Lube magazine.
All those years I thought you were stuck up and boring, and as it turns out, you were stuck up and interesting as shit.
Oh shit, storage full.
Would you like us to wait till you delete some pictures.
I can’t lube a vagina with one hand and ,ale an argument with the other.


Grace and Frankie 2.09

Art happened. Performance art.
She got sick and I couldn’t leave her


Grace and Frankie 2.10

How could I’ve done this to her


Grace and Frankie 2.11

Grace gets drunk and eats cake.

Why don’t I eat cake more often?
I’m ready to purge.
Because you’re afraid of sex in the vagina.Where do you want her?
How about in the middle of the ocean?


Grace and Frankie 2.12

Now Grace feels sick and guilty for eating the cake. Oh yeah, and for being mean to Frankie.

I ate cake?!
This fucking guy.


Grace and Frankie 2.13

You get something inspiring and I get a vibrator.
Never used a vibrator.
This really explains so much.
You threw paint on Burt Reynolds’ fur coat.
It’s Frankie, the artist.


Pretty Little Liars 7.02

Jessica’s twin sister explains how she got locked up for something Jessica did and Hanna takes Lucas up on his offer. Both Jessica’s sister and Aria had wonderful speeches this week.

Everyone always believed Jessica. She was the nice one.
Sometimes you find tenderness in the place you’d never expect. And that’s all any of us really needs.
You’re right, I want this.
I think you were seduced by your English teacher in high school.
What if there was a button that I could push. I would push it and all the people that shouldn’t have died would still be alive.
But If I pushed that button I would be gone too. I am me, because of what has happened, what I’ve done and because of who I love.


Pretty Little Liars 7.03

That’s what he used on me.