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blackcoat blackcoat1

The Blackcoat’s Daughter aka February

More films like this, please! Independent cinema in a nutshell. Beautiful shots and scenography are the key to this film. At first, I thought there were too many separate storylines, but it all turned into a nicely looking horror. The Blackcoat’s Daughter is great for all fans of independent films, not only those who adore the horror genre.


kalifornia2 kalifornia


3 years after the success of Too Young To Die, Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis team up again, and this time in a masterpiece. Both give one of their absolute best performances, which unfortunately can’t be said about the leading actors. The script is purely genius, even though the obvious and at parts annoying narration could have been omitted. The film is a must-see for fans of fantastic acting and everyone who loves thrillers, crime and horror films. I have a feeling I will be seeing this title many times, as it’s one of those that leave you thinking and contemplating for days. If you’re into good movies, go see this film.



Big Driver

It’s good to know that rape and revenge genre did not die along with Wes Craven. Big Driver based on Stephen King’s novela is superb, especially the first half of the film.



Flowers in the Attic

The remake is more detailed than the original film, and the script is more similar to the book too. The movie lacked the tension and the creepy atmosphere of the original film, but at least they focused on the incestuous relationship, whereas the original avoided the plot entirely. Not Lifetime’s best, but for a low budget Lifetime film, surprisingly, good enough. Unfortunately, all of its sequels were disastrous. I’d recommend you watch the ’87 one, then this remake and skip all the sequels and read what happened to Dollangangers online.


Petals of the Wind



If there be Thorns


Seeds of Yesterday


Tasmanian Devils

It’s a shame the film was shot in Canada instead of Australia. It’s even a bigger shame the Tasmanian devils looked more like computerised crocs. The film wasn’t that terrible though, and it kept me interested till the end.



Scarecrow itself looked awesome, the film not so much. Not the worst slasher out there, but not close to being good either.