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Summer shows are done. Now I’m counting down days to Greys, SVU, Shameless and many more!

Scream 2.07

You went full on Hard Candy.
He’s a known predator teacher.
This had never gone bad for anone in a movie, ever.
I’m not buying condoms. Where’s the shampoo?


Scream 2.08

Lakewood is cursed. People die in this town.
Unless we wake up and stop acting like this is not Murderville.


Scream 2.11

If they think we killed the mayor. They think we killed everybody.


Scream 2.12

Season 2 ends exactly same as the original Scream. I doubt Wes Craven would be happy with that. The very ending where the killer calls the just revealed killer asking them who let them where the Scream mask was the best part.

I’ll be right back.
Why, why would you say that?!
To kill with someone, that’s a real bond.
Hello, X, who told you, you could wear my mask?


Dead of Summer 1.07

I wonder if kids watch this show (it’s on Freeform so It’s a kids show) and think it’s great. Because everyone who knows a thing or two about television thinks this show is a joke.

You want to bring violent criminals into the camp full of kids.
That’s mu brother. He was never the same after that summer.
He took his own life.
Pretending to look into Michael Goodson and his visions.
I’m saying that when you first got here I thought you were the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. And I still do.


Dead of Summer 1.08

Morgue scene was on point, but the best scene of the whole series was the lake scene. Absolutely beautiful. Amy is even more annoying than ever. Her calm voice, jesus.
This eclipse unlocked something. The black girl’s relationship with her mom was messed up and one of my favorite things. There is no way
It’s a trick. Trust me.
They can’t see us.
Step across.
They’ll believe you did this.
Switch seats with me.
Northwestern? I’m your family.
I don’t want to be saved. Fooled you.


Dead of Summer 1.09

Great hamster scene, a bloody piano and Amy losing her family to a gas leak. The sea of blood and all the kids screaming was just wonderful.

Oh no!
I only wanted him to be free!
Now you’re in a cage.
I’ll try to buy you some time.
No, Debs, don’t.
He said no one is pure enough. Till now.
No mother what happened here this summer. This will always feels like home.
Of course, Amy hi.
If one of the councellors drops out, I’ll
Amy pull me up.
Camp Stillwater, it’s exactly what I wanted.
I’m looking for Amy Hughes. She’s not who she says she is.
Deb, can you believe they tried to purify me?
I closed this camp and it will never reopen. I saved the kids.
But you didn’t save yourselves.
Do you remember now? The real reason why you came back here? You’re not so innocent either.Thank you for bringing me home, Deb.
I’ll be right there.


Dead of Summer 1.10

I’m sad Elizabeth Mitchell was not in the finale and I hope that If they get s2, and they do decide to flash back to the 70s, Elizabeth comes back. It all ends with a Bowie concert. I wonder if the creator pitched the show before or after Bowie’s death. The show ends on a weak note.

You should turn her in.
But she’s my mom.
For sale.


Pretty Little Liars 7.04

Jenna is back and the guy the girls ran over may not have been Alison’s husband.

I even let friends tag me in photos.
The day after we run someone over, she comes back to town.
If that’s not him, then who did we just kill?


Pretty Little Liars 7.05

Noel is back and Ezra proposed!

Aria Marie Montgomery, will you marry me?


Pretty Little Liars 7.06

Wanted in Wales, wanted in the UK.
Next time, make sure you really kill someone.
You and Ezra, it’s a different story.
I want to marry you.


Pretty Little Liars 7.07

Sara Harvey gets killed.

It’s Sara Harvey, she’s dead.
Your mom hired me for hotel security.
Hell, Em, I always knew you’d never leave Rosewood.
Damn, my hair looked good.
I see you.


Pretty Little Liars 7.08

Paige is back! A good episode plus we find out the liars graduated from high school in 2012!

Swim coach.
Hanna, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.
A darkness around you and Caleb.
Many people died here, Hanna.


Pretty Little Liars 7.09

Paige’s words were extremely relevant and most likely my favorite quote this season.

DMV moves faster than this place.
Our whole lives were wrapped up in this place.
I couldn’t wait to get out of here, now I kinda wish I could go back.
It’s happening again.
You found a way to include me when we were in high school, whoever you’re with now, you should be able to do the same.
That’s the same area Hanna was kept captive.
She’s hunting Noel like it’s the Hunger Games.
I know you killed Sara.


Pretty Little Liars 7.10

Everyone got back together, someone is pregnant and someone turned out to be Mary’s child, oh yeah and Nicole was found alive. PLL pulls the ‘Don’t Breathe’ trick, as the liars are forced to hide in the dark from the blind villain.

I’m pregnant.
You’ve been the bitch girl, the missing girl, the dead girl.
Oh my god, It’s a head.
X, I would never hurt you, I’m your mother.