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thejudge enoughsaid sympathy

The Judge

Robert Duvall really does give a wonderful performance, the film itself is not too intriguing, but I would recommend it to everyone.


Enough Said

A romcom with James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It also stars Toni Collette and Tavi Gevinson. Less comedy more independent feel, enjoyed it a lot. Still thinking about the scene where Toni’s cleaning lady was mad about Toni’s character leaving dental floss everywhere. Gross for sure, but it is her house after all. Still don’t understand why the film is called Enough Said.


Sympathy for delicious

I know the title sounds dumb, but Delicious is the main character’s name. I tried to watch it before, but I found it boring. This time, I made it till the end and it is a good-enough independent drama of hope.


canthardly face captive.jpg

Can’t Hardly Wait

Meh, there’s so many better coming-out films than Can’t Hardly Wait.


The Hunt for the I-5 Killer

I usually like  Lifetime’s based on ‘true murders’ films. And this one is not too bad, but it didn’t interest me in the book either. I was nicely surprised by the ‘tape on the nose’ idea and how the killer believed it was impossible to identify someone when their nose is covered. Was the film based in the 80s? That wasn’t very clear, I was not paying that much attention, though. But when I think of it there were no cellphones nor computers, and the killer did drive a mustang.


The Face of an Angel

This film is one of the examples why Americans think England only consists of London. I do understand why the script writer was one of the characters, by why the hell was Kate Beckinsdale’s in the film? Her character brought nothing to the storyline. Genevieve Gaunt looks exactly like May Benben, daughter of Madeleine Stowe and Brian Benben. I felt like Cara Delevigne played herself with being familiar with drugs and behaving like a kid.



An inspiring story of an addict who found God and recovered after being held captive. Based on a true story.