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donbreathee purge3 theshlws

Don’t Breathe

Innovative, exciting, an absolute must-see! I especially liked the ‘alarm remote scene’ and the whole ‘9 months captive’ part. Good to see Jane Levy doing so good after Suburgatory got cancelled.


Purge 3

The first 30 minutes were intriguing and exciting, then it started to get boring. Much better than The Purge 2, but worse than the original. I’m glad they cast Elizabeth Mitchell as the senator. I hope they make another one, despite what happened at the end.


The Shallows

Flare gun and cutting the buoy made it all worth watching.


secretl blaze threetotango

The Secret Life of Pets

Taylor Swift’s Welcome to New York in the opening credits sold it for me. Unfortunately, the pets spent way too much time in the sewers (what were crocodiles doing in the sewers anyway) and not enough with the pets’ owners. If they make all these changes, the sequel will be fantastic. I will definitely watch it when it’s on HBO next year though.


In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory

Who would have bothered to rob a bank for 17 thousand? The film was still pretty good and I was nicely surprised most of the time.


Three to Tango

Hilarious and cute, felt like the perfect romantic comedy, just without the romance.


twelvewaterboy ffflicka


I think the narration made it all actually bearable. The first hour is boring, but it’s worth the wait, as there’s an unexpected mass shooting at the end.


The Waterboy

Light, not very funny, but the only scene I really enjoyed was the ‘he loves his mom’ one.



And I thought it would be another family ranch movie. It’s not even a family film! A lovely drama and I really want to see the original soon. I still don’t understand why they didn’t just go hunt down that tiger. Not to mention, to get a deadly high fever from lying in the rain for a couple of hours? Being sick is one, but everyone actually thought the character would die.



The Lifetime one, not the one with Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. The middle part certainly stole a lot from Flight Plan. Not too good of a film unfortunately.