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Our shows are back! What do you guys think about the new fall shows? I hated Notorious, I watched two episodes and it may be one of the most boring TV shows ever made. I think I’ll just stick with The Good Place. And I still need to see This is Us and The Exorcist!

Greys 13.01

I hated this opening episode with every fiber of my being. Karev beat DeLuca up, and was that eye injury really necessary?


Greys 13.02

Didn’t they close the Denny Duquette clinic back in season 6? When did it get reopened?

Felony in the second degree.
How do you plead, Dr Karev?
Not guilty.
Which parent is ready to hear that yes, your toddler i dead, but here’s a bill for quarter million dollars anyway.
Do you have a decent lawyer, do you need help?
You got along at the wedding.
It was a wedding, I had tequila.
She named her tumor after her ex husband’s mistress.
I was attacked, I remember.
I think I might have just threatened DeLucaa
Who is Mrs Petercan?
She doesn’t know that you’re madly in love with me.
What hear about you threatening DeLuca?
Where is Dr Alex? I want Dr Alex.
You were the big surprise. You were most improved. The person who beat up DeLuca is a person I thought you left a long time ago.
The Denny Duquette clinic?
We walked through doors as interns, we’re thrown into the deep end together, told to save lives together, to save each other, we become family.
I slept with Riggs.


Greys 13.03

What is happening to Greys?! Yawn, yawn, yawn. And why did they show us the eye surgery again? Other than that, Ben was just his perfect self yesterday. And Tucker Jones is so grown up! He looks 12 already!


After rewatching the episode, I realized it was actually really good.

It sucks but I’m fine.
Welcome back, Robbins.
Morgue. There’s not much emergencies in that job.
Excuse me?
You’re the boss.
I am a big chunk of this hospital, so technically I am.
I don’t want to go to jail.
That’s the guy you trained and raised or whatever.

4 9.5/10

SVU 18.01

I was running on reruns and holding on to the last straw. Season 18 started off with an intense Central Park scene, where Liv had to calm down a little child who pointed a gun at her and her son Noah. What a season opener. The episode went more into a terrorism side, than what the show is all about, but Olivia didn’t give in and did everything she could to help the abused Muslim woman. SVU covered recent mass shootings, while staging a Central Park shooting. Throughout the whole episode she had a lovely ‘fed up with perps’ attitude and Mariska was an absolute scene stealer. Here are some quotes I loved, you know the drill.

I am in the park with Noah.
I found him in Central Park, he had a gun.
Rita, you’re representing terrorists now.
Hell of a ride to get on.
She was raped and tortured by him and his brother.
Your job cost my son his life.
Rape or no rape she is a killer.
I am going to investigate a case that everyone wants me to ignore.
Unless you had in vitro, you had sex.
She asked you a question.
I want a lawyer.
Okay. (the way Mariska said ‘okay’)
I believe her and so does she.


SVU 18.02

A teenager was obsessed with Amanda and lied to please her and Amanda said it was not her fault he has a crush on her and that was the best part of the episode. A man rapes the only daughter of a woman who accused him of raping her years ago as the prison ‘made him a rapist’.

The girl was raped, beaten and stabbed.
She was pretty, like you.
Plus Detective Rollins…
I know she’s an attractive woman.
Detective Rollins flirted with you.
It’s not my fault he has a crush on me.
I was raped in prison all the time.


Shameless 7.01

Woah, season 7, what are you doing? I disliked most of the episode for the first time in the history of watching this show! It started off okay and then it got…boring! I didn’t know nurses had to wash coma patient’s genitalia, so thanks for that Shameless. I’ll tell repeat that to my best friend who’s finishing nursing school now. Another reason not to go into medicine. And I hated that Carl’s girlfriend practically bullied him into having a circumscription at 15, what the fuck. Not everyone is a jew, you know? The only thing I liked about this was that Lip will work at Fiona’s diner and I really enjoyed Debbie stealing these baby strollers and getting a nanny. I still don’t understand why Fiona got to keep her ex fiancee and boss was the one who moved away.

Holy Mother of Jesus.
It’s okay. I’ll just superglue it.
You’re thing is kinda weird.. It has all that extra skin. It freaks me out.
I could use an extra person on dishes.


The Goldbergs 4.01

When I heard The Goldbergs were doing The Breakfast Club episode, I thought it would be epic. Hell, I was expecting tears running from my eyes. I usually hate when shows act out the famous scene from this teen classic. I loved their tribute to The Goonies! And many other films, including Dirty Dancing or The Ghostbusters, etc. The only show that honored and celebrated The Breakfast Club well enough was Cougar Town a few years back.

Aww The Breakfast Club. Truly the ultimate teen movie of the 80s.
Why aren’t you moving?! Stop it! Start moving your body!I received my teaching license and I am now a substitute teacher.
See you in the halls, delicious people.
It’s just like The Breakfast Club!
I’m not the nerd!
Again, this is just like the movie.
You’re all wearing hats, like idiots.
Sincerely, The Breakfast Club.


The Goldbergs 4.02

I hope the whole season won’t be this bad. Why is Erica so obsessed with Geoff, she didn’t care about his feeling for years. I would have understood if she realized he was her soulmate, but why the sudden obsession?

Bookkeeper is not a librarian.
And most of my customers is me in different costumes.
My first professional paying gig!


How To Get Away With Murder 3.01

Frank shot Wes’s father and one of the students or Bonnie die at the end of season 3! Screaming in the woods as a form of letting go.

You get to be lawyers, responsible for your own cases.
We’re good people now.
At least they chose a good photo.
Why are you always stalking me?
You were never normal, you just didn’t know it till now.
The five is in the bottom 10%.
When I look at you, all I see is Frank.
Who is it?


How To Get Away with Murder 3.02

I wasn’t concerned until you started talking how not concerned you are.
I did what you did. I killed a guy and I got away with it.
Wipe it clean. Everything on it.


Transparent 3.01

Moira’s scenes at the beginning were amazing! Anything else was awful. Ali was practically sexually assaulted, but sure whatever. Every time the kids defend their mapa’s genre I feel so proud.

Told us to sign that in case we were kidnapped.
Can you change the M please?
Go fuck yourself.
Okay, I will.
She’s a woman! Her name is Moira!
His vitals.
HER vitals!
I am not doing things I could be doing.
I don’t want to die with some arrogant asshole calling me Mr Fefferman.


Younger 3.01

All this Liza Charles business is insane. I want them to get together. I doubt he’d care that she’s 40. So she lied, everyone lies about their age. I never saw the Liza/Josh connection. Homeless man in the wedding dress, though! Excellent.

Charles kissed me in the man’s department.
The sales who picked it out…
That’s for fat people.
You want a tour?
This is were I sit. This is where I sleep.
It was just a kiss, Liza. Let it go.


American Horror Story 6.02

Anyone actually enjoying this season? For me it’s boredom. Remember how good the first 4 seasons were? I miss Jessica Lange every time I watch this show.

Percilla. The little girl with weird clothes.
Do you see her?
I see her.
Is that the same guy you saw in the video?


American Horror Story 6.03

Inbred hillbillies drinking pig’s milk and then masturbated while OJ Simpson had unconscious sex with Lady Gaga. Yeah, it’s finally getting fucked up. Doll with pig’s head and other cute gory things equally on point.

Your daughter is with Perscilla.
There can never be a friendship between dead and the living.
You were screwing this woman against the tree while these hillbillies watched.


Scream Queens 2.01

I guess now we all know why they invited Uncle Jesse to the show. Yes, my favorite scene was the one where Emma Roberts took her clothes off the minute she saw John Stamos naked. I also enjoyed that a Netflix documentary exonerated the Channels. And we all know people who went to med school even though they didn’t study enough and then there are people who really should be doctors and had to retake their exams even though they were much higher than the rich ones the first time. Don’t even get me started with online med schools and doctors who can’t diagnose the simplest things and check everything online while you’re asking them questions. Is everyone else loving Kristie Ally in this as much as I am?!

That Netflix documentary that exonerated us.
Shut up, number 5!
Turns out, I love blood! Looove it!
Turns out I’m really good at poking people!
Oh my god, thank you, right?!
Uhm, let’s go over what’s expected of you.
Dr. Hot.
Through the power of the Internet, anyone can be an M.D.
Still dressing as sluts, I see.Your obvious stupidity will not get past me.
You rich dumb whores.


Scream Queens 2.02

So bad it hurt at times.

Have you graduated high shool to become a detective?
I haven’t been man handled in 2 years.
Lot of work for relatively small and insignificant amount of land.
Call the police. No don’t call them. They’re morons!
From now on, when someone is about to take off the mask, don’t interrupt them with stupid questions!
Julianna Margulies.


Which scenes from these episode you enjoyed the most?