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Greys 13.04

Didn’t  Webber close Denny’s clinic after he fired Izzie back in season 6? Karev at the clinic is basically me at work every day. Alex called Richard to talk to the alcoholic girl.

Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic
Things you didn’t do yesterday.
Do you think this is the place to hang out with your friends?
She’s yours now, I’m not taking her back.
So this means it’s real. I’m not overreacting?
There’s no way that other asshat doctor would have figured it out.
You didn’t decide to side with me, because of you and I?
You guys love each other, you can say anything.
I once chocked Cristina.


SVU 18.03

A mom decides to sleep with an admissions officer to get her son into a prestigious university. The man turns out to be a con. The kid can’t take it.

In 10 minutes she goes from best sex ever to you raped me?
So Noah is not getting into the fancy school?
She slept with the admissions officer?
There is a rapist out there pretending to be you.
Do any of the moms offer sex?
Did you mean to hurt yourself?
I’m saying that what he did to you was rape.
Ask me, that’s rape.
She screwed some guy trying to get her kid into college?
That’s campus security.
Win or lose we need to make a statement.
What you did is not sex, trust me.
Why did you tell me to testify?
How many women will we let this man victimise.?


SVU 18.04

Amanda’s psycho sister is back! And they explained all her craziness and irrational behavior as bipolar disorder!? Anyone else mad at this? Does this mean we’ll see more of Kim now that she’s living with Amanda? Does this mean she’s a regular now? Will she never do anything stupid again now that they think they know what’s wrong with her?! I am upset. The writers show us that everything is explainable. And we’ve never even seen her ‘depressed’ behavior to assume she’s bipolar. Amanda diagnosed the victim as bipolar and then it turned out her sister is bipolar too. Loved the case and this episode.

I have trust in Jesus.
Women get raped and killed in shelters.
I was raped.
Not here to judge you.
He paid for what he got.
He paid for what he took.
I can’t have my life blown up. Not right now.
Cause he raped you. There’s no such thing in this line of work.
You can’t rape a hooker.
No one deserves to be raped.
I’m a tabloid headline.
I’ve been an SVU detective for 17 years.
And then he did it anyway.
I am ashamed of what I did, but I’m not ashames that I was raped.
How dare you say my body isn’t perfect!
She has a bipolar disorder.
It’s for bipolar disorder.
You didn’t tell me.
You didn’t ask, Amanda.


The Middle 8.01

What a fantastic episode! No backup plan has always been my motto. Anyone else loves Greer Grammer as Axl’s ‘simple’ girlfriend as much as I do?

I was a girl in the well for 14 weeks.
Team Aniston! I am totally gonna wear this!
You have to be all in. No backup plan!
Put on a bra.What’t the word…um…good!
Oh, what’s the word…dumb!
Axl isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.
At least he can find the shed!
Hello, old friend. Woop! Damn it!
Did he just call me Mike?
Who’s the blonde?
Where’s the bathroom again?
First on the left. First on the left.
This is how bad it is. We’re crossing our fingers for Cindy.


The Goldbergs 4.03

Adam helped Erica out after she stole his Brady Bunch idea and I love this show.

Enough with your folk tales, old man.
I don’t know and more importantly, I don’t care.
Come on, go on Surfin Saffari with your mama.
This is my fucking nightmare.
Like any sensible adult, I stole an idea from The Brady Bunch.
That’s crazy no one wants to be an urologist.
I’ve never even seen The Brady Bunch.
I’d like to dig in, but this is nuts level, buddy.
Good luck to you, Beverly.
Is there anything I can do?
He just wasn’t the one.
You and Geoff are the real deal.
I’ll come back in another 4 years.


The Goldbergs 4.04

Oh my god, Erica. Dad did something that doesn’t suck!
Don’t record the suggested message!
Shut up, convenience.
And it’s advertised on TV, so you know it’s good.
Because you took me to see Psycho when I was little.
What the fuck is this?!


How To Get Away With Murder 3.03

This season is so much better than the crappy season 2! And Annalise just slapped her client!

Look straight into the camera.
Go make sure our client doesn’t purchusa Micheala.
I was kidnapped at 16 and he wouldn’t pay the ransom.
I killed a girl.
My lawyer is blackmailing me.
Jamie’s mother still updates the website every week.
It could have been me.
If police haven’t caught my father, I would have ran away and end up on the street.
I can call an annonymous tip.
There’s a dead girl it the freezer and I can’t do anything about it.
Say you’ll take the deal!
I am Annalise Keating’s lawyer.


American Horror Story 6.01

My first thought on this season was, ‘god, what a beautiful house’. At the first glance, season 6 reminds us of the hunted house in season one. Apparitions walking down the hallways, crazy pig headed people, croatoen, etc. I hate reality TV in general and I’m not a huge fan of crime docs, so I do not like this seasons’ format. I am still pissed that there is no opening credits this year that has always been my absoulte favorite!

Televised dramatization.
Back then, yoga was called streching. It’s something you do before not as excersize.
I got my degree in criminal psychology at UNC.
Did you know prescription painkillers can be more addictive than heroin?
I went from two pills a day to two pills an hour.
He was a serial rapist. A real asshole. I hate assholes.
My brother married one jumpy bitch.
Somebody’s gotta protect you from the wild man in the woods.
The sensors have been triggered by something.
When a mob showes up in the middle of the night with torches, they are not there to welcome you to the neighboorhood.
Someone’s in the house.
Why would someone break into my house to play a home movie?
I followed this woman straight into the forrest.


American Horror Story 6.04

Denis O’Hare is back!

It was a ritual. A sacrifice. And he was being burned alive.
They never had a chance.
These go back to 1700s.
I saw a dead girl playing in the woods. She was the one who led us to the cellar to the videotapes.
One look at his face and there was no doubt, he’s been through something hellish.
She took my hand and the black veil was lifted.
Blood sacrifised to the antiant gods.
Tell me young man, have you evver heard the term ‘gay for pay’?


American Horror Story 6.05

I hated this episode and it was the one who was supposed to wrap up Ranoake season one and it was just boresome. At least there was The Grunge reference and I enjoyed the scene were all the female servants were thrown into the cellar and their bones were found after years. I hated Evan’s accent. It was slightly British at parts, but he should have had some training. I loved the half the face getting all dark when Evan moved the torch away part.


Younger 3.02

So Kelsey was raped by her ex friend’s twin brother and they made a joke of it. What is worse, Peter Herman, who also happens to be Mariska Hargitay’s husband, is on the show. Not okay. Younger, strike out one more time and I’m done with you.

I can help out with the tuition.
I can’t let you do that. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.
Will you throw that in the pool?


The Simpsons 28.01

This year women may audition with permission of father, husband and pastor. In wirking.
An old man is prwling the school looking for your children. Please perform for him.
Excellent villain!
Do you ever say anything in a simple way?
Shut up.
Well, that was clear.
Thanks a lot, Lisa. we were getting out of school for this.
You’re telling me that really happened?
They looked just like us, didn’t they?


The Simpsons 28.02

Such a funny episode, and it got a little nasty at the end too.

You’ll never have this.
Cheap piece of plastic with photos of ugly people?
Maggie talk. No one listen? Maggie never talk again.
I think I remember what happened, Marge.
How could you remember, you were on your phone half the time.
If you can afford good Wifi, you use it.
Oh look, it’s the ugly people from the cube!
Stoned at a funeral.
When did salad get so awful?
Kale ruined everything.
I have a bike too, I keep a lock on it.
I have no interest ain riding your bike.


The Simpsons 28.03

The dog before me?!
I knew I didn’t pay this month’s mortgage for a reason.


The Good Place 1.01

Or the only show this season that I actually like. Even though it’s weak and stupid half the time, it’s still good enough for a comedy, and this was a fine trailer.

Relax. Everything’s fine.
Every religion uessed about 5%.
There’s a good place and a bad place. You’re in the good place.
Sponsored by two otters holding hands while they sleep.
I can only play you an audio clip of what’s happening there right now.
I spent half of my life fighting for women rights  and the other half of my life fighting for gay rights.
And he said, you can’t give me both of your kidneys. You’ll die.
But you will live. And I know we only just met on this bus 10 minutes ago, but you seem nice.
What a condensatong bench. Whay does she still have that British accent? No one here has an accent.
I just need to go steal some gold stuff.


The Good Place 1.02

Much worse than the pilot, still interesting enough.

What kind of pornography would you like to access?
Where am I from?
Is it racist if I say Africa?
That’s a brand of toothpaste.
Have you seen my dog?
Imagine something that brings you joy.
People poking on rollercoasters.
You don’t belong here.


The Good Place 1.03

Welcome to the neighborhood. Even though we all got here at the same time.
Here’s some dirt I put in a bag, because I’m amazing.
Fun fact, Columbus is in the Bad Place, because of all the raping, slave trade and genocide.
I’m not supposed to be here too.


The Good Place 1.04

And it’s still getting worse.

Your favorite meal was the hunger strike you went on to protest Boliwian sex trafficking.
Be quiet and eat your white sponge.


The Good Place 1.05

Oh god, now it’s terrible.

It somehow tastes how I felt when my cellphone was fully charged. So relaxed.
Screw all the other complicated theories, why didn;t you start with this one?