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Greys 13.05

Webber being all pervy accidentally asking a patient’s sister to get in bed with him.

Close the fridge.
You are quite young.
I’m a baby.
You look super sketchy.
So this isn’t real. Wait, I hugged you and you haven’t even peed on a stick yet? Tell me when it’s real.
No oh my gods and no hugging until she pees on a stick.
I need to get you in a bed.
She’s 25.
But screw her, granny is getting a liver today!
My answer is hell no!
Yes, I’ll hold. (eye roll)
Why am I not just a friend?
Ugh. (eye roll)
I gave Zola a shirt, and then with Ellis, I was off the hook, becuase he was dead.
Last time I didn’t have to tell the father, because he was dead.
This is for the Christmas card.
She’ll be talking for two now.


The Middle 8.02

I felt the episode wasn’t as good as usual, but It was still funny enough and I did count 20 great lines/scenes so it’s a 10.

College can be so impersonal.
Your financial aid got resented because you failed to renew it.
East Indiana kicked me out! I’m not in college anymore!
Did you tell them how poor we were?!
When was the deadline?
I am not an adult!
Everyone has to learn to grow the hell up right now!
Kenny, stop talking.
Wait, I gotta poop again.
I’m gonna have to ask you to stop touching the photo of my cat.
If I’m gonna sneak out of work in the middle of the day, it better involve a margarita or a cinema.
Why can’t you parallel park!?
I swallowed the pill! I am a man!
Who cares!
I think you just lost our side mirror.
What about your parents’ business manager?
Why is the school emailing me? Don’t they know I don’t go here anymore?!
What happened to your side mirror?
Who cares?
I paid for it. I sold my half of the diaper business.
Why would you do that?
It’s Sue.


How To Get Away With Murder 3.04

A fantastic episode. Annalise’s licence is revoked. And Femke came back to say goodbye.

They found another body at the house.
I’m gay, she’s…
It’s complicated.
The defendant is represented by an unlicensed lawyer.
That’s physical assault.
Goofy looking table.
I am now in charge of this case.
Oh my God, it’s about your dad.
You stood by while your buddies raped Tiffany Howard
You think anyone ever believes a child in cases like this?
What the hell am I gonna do in the city? Move in with you, become your trophy wife?
I’m down with that.
Eve’s got more balls than all of you.
She sure thinks she’s Annalise.
You raped my client.
I plead the 5th.
I’m an alcoholic.
I’m sorry, I met someone. She wants me to move to San Francisco.
Does she love you? Do you love her?
I do.
You deserve it more than anyone. You deserve to be loved.
My father is dead.
It’s good to finally meet you, pop.
Who are you?
It’s still not gonna make up for what you did to her.


How To Get Away With Murder 3.05

They showed up Frank’s backstory, Annalise’s miscarriage, Sam was back and Bonnie and Frank hooked up.

Cremate him.
How was it?
This is sexual harassment.
11 years earlier.
If you want me to take a pro bono case how about nit a wite guy wgi has violent tendencies.
How is this different than you asking me to help Bonnie?
Only a moron commits those kidd of infractions when you’re up for parole.
Ding dong. The bitch is dead.
We need to storm the presiden’t office and do Oh captain, my Captain.
Plenty of people prefer life on the inside. Someone feeds you., tells you were to be all the time, sounds nice to me.
It is illegal to do an unlawful search and seize of someone’s property.
Run away with me.
You were 13.
I planned it for weeks,
Frank you’re an idiot, you couldn’t even kill him right.
Sociopaths don’t cry after what they did, Frank.
Just tells us where your accent’s from.
We’re also messed up. Annalise especially, but you.
Frank isn’t gone.
I’m not in the mood to see your needy faces.
She can’t speak for herself? That’s not the Laurel I know.
Laurel is pregnant.
Annalise’s house burnt down.
Where’s Connor?


Younger 3.03

An average episode, I wish the next two were half as good.

What if I’m straight?
I gotta tell you something. People in this town know me and it’s possible they might be saying things about me which might be confusing.
I’m not the person you think I am and I don’t want you to be shocked.
What’s the big secret?
I was a slut in high school.
Stop trying to be so interesting.
You never know what’s gonna happen when you get in bed with a 26year old.
Wow, you are the real deal.


Scream Queens 2.03

Poor warted Taylor probably saw you naked and gaged and you were so enraged you killed him. Loved the Julia Roberts reference, since Emma is her niece, And it’s true, two people were left at the alter on Grey’s Anatomy, first Cristina by Burke, back in season 3, and much later Matthew the paramedic by April Kepner. At the end of the episode one of the most annoying characters gets killed.

Folks were being killed left and right.
I am alive, but I’m not living.
His ass was held back 8 years in the second grade.
61 degrees. You are dead.
Being left at the alter works in Julia Roberts movies and on Grey’s Anatomy.


Secrets and Lies 2.01

How come season 1 was so good, and season 2 is a disaster? I knew I shouldn’t have started it. Favorite part was when the mannequin fell from the sky while the victim’s family stopped by. Also, the show stars Terry O’Quinn or Locke from Lost, so I’ll keep watching. Did anyone notice how they force interracial couples on the viewers? 3 interracial couples in one family, seriously?

You didn’t know your wife had someone else’s baby?
I didn’t mean to kill him.