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I just realized that most of the shows will go on their Christmas hiatus in two or three weeks, so I better catch up with my reviews. Posting a few today and then I’m off to watch new Greys. Expect a massive post tomorrow.

Shameless 7.02

Shameless was just added on Netflix UK! In the newest episode Frank disinherits the whole family and all of the kids are actually relieved. Also, Frank washing himself up in the toilet.

I’m filling out the paperwork to disinherit you, abortion should have beens.
I’m chaning her name to Harriet. Harry.
That’s a perfect name for the diesel dyke she’s going to grow up to some day.
Tough titties.
I’m the only woman of color and I’ll sue your ass.
Excuse me, I saw your help wanted sign?
Hey Olga, you’re fired.
Don’t be corrupting my son with your interracial bisexual funny business.
That’s okay. You don’t have to go to college.


Shameless 7.03

Frank found himself a new family. Debbie continues to steal. Fiona has an amazing monologue on how she still can make something of herself after she inspired by a millionaire high school dropout.

Welcome, new Gallaghers.
He sold her into sex slavery.
I got some money. I took it from teacher’s purse.
That’s the new Fiona.
You’d call the cops?! What kind of a Gallagher are you?
She’s retarded.
Who gave you the right to occupy these premises?
Statue of Liberty when she said come the homeless and Jesus Christ when he washed the feet of the homeless and gave them wine.
Are those Greek letters on this motherfucking house?
I am just as likely as anyone else in this family to make something of myself and it’s about time you got that you arrogant shit.


The Goldbergs 4.05

Beverly summing up exactly what the show is about had me in tears! Unfortunately, the episode itself wasn’t too good.

You spread the rumor of me dating the lunch lady!
I’m his muse?
Actually, Stephen King is his muse.
You were there for me. If that’s being a Barry, I’m okay with it.
You keep writing about me, about this family. It may not all be true, but it’s pretty damn good.
Turns out the best stories are the one that come from home.


American Horror Story 6.06

I am never more excited than when it comes to murder. What a bloody episode. Best this season, and unfortunately the last good one as well. I absolutely loved the ‘Blair Witch’ warning in the middle. What did you guys think of Sarah’s British accent? I thought she’s doing a great job, especially compering to Evan’s really bad one a few episodes ago. I loved that Kathy Bates’s character went full on ‘Mysery’ and killed some. Also, OJ Simpson and Martha being friends in this episode made me so damn happy. I know every teenager everywhere plus one of my good friends are mourning Evan’s character, but he played just really shitty this season and his character was unnecessary in the first place.

If they look out the window and see trailers parked in the fucking yard.
You became obsessed.
You’re not on the show. You’re never gonna be on the show again.
We only want real people this year.
I’m a real person.
You’re unstable.
Do you think the restraining order will keep her away?
God, I hope not.
I have no interest in finding out who that is.
Was that Agnes?
She’s here to steal my Saturn!
Your car?
No, my Saturn award!
Over the next three days during the Blood Moon, every participant in this series died under mysterious circumstances. Except for one.
The show planned by the producers never aired . This is the assembled found footage.
Hi, girl.
Hi, Dominic. When did you get here?
Fuck you, Sidney.


Younger 3.04

I know Younger is from the Sex and the City creator, but it annoys me how sex centered the show is getting. This shitty episode fo example was all about period sex.

I’m recommending we cut stuff by 45 % next quarter. Not you. Just the old people, like Diana.


Younger 3.05

New lingo, what not to say anymore. At least we got rid of the stupid millionaire kid. And email will never go out of style. It’s just too good. And we all know Snapchat etc. will die just like Vine and so many others are.

I think there is a way to view private. I think it’s called stalk-book. I’ll check it out.Oh you can put my finger on it.
No, I don’t have Google alerts, maybe my assistant should set it up.


Scream Queens 2.04

Loved the SVU reference, but other than that it was a really bad episode. At least all the annoying characters are getting killed off.

Where I come from sad and skinny 20 something’s feelings are more important than some stupid documents!
These are their stories.
You stupid hobo.
That’s because you insist of Snapchatting during sex.


The Good Place 1.06

All the Friends references!

Sicko, freako, creepo, George Washington.
Is it that movie where Laura Linney cries in a lake house, because Jude Law left her for his ex wife’s ghost?
Like if your uber driver talks to you, the ride should be free?
I even watched all 10 seasons of the show called Friends. How did they afford that apartment? A waitress and a chef with those Manhattan real estate prices?
Since we’re becoming friends like Ross and Phoebe.
We’re combo but okay.
Unlike Ross when he promised Emily not to talk to Rachel.
I feel like Friends in season 8, out of ideas and forcing Joey and Rachel together even though it made no sense.


The Good Place 1.07

Only the very ending made sense.

Michael, the problem in the neighborhood is me. I was brought to The Good Place by mistake.