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SVU 18.05

Mariska had a ER reunion with her ER boyfriend, who as it turns out is also her first police parter on SVU. Now he’s trying to guilt Olivia into letting his son’s rape slide.It was a pretty good episode.

She was drunk, but she seemed fine.
Fine? What does that mean?
He was my first partner. He looked out for me. He taught me a lot.
His first mistake was humping a passed out girl.
You remember having sex?
He dated your cousin?
Aggressive in what way?
Your son raped an unconscious girl.
He lied to save your ass. You don’t own him anything.
What happened to you was a violation and it should never have happened.
For God’s sake, we are doing you a favor.
No matter what I say, or didn’t say, that means he raped me.
That means he raped you? Or is that what the SVU detectives and the DA told you?
I never would have consented to a guy I just met on the ground by the garbage. I was passed out and he did what he wanted anyway.
And you wnat to destroy his life, because he had sex with some drunk girl?
I knew you were passed out. I couldn’t stop myself


The Middle 8.03

Axl’s new girlfriend ran into the sliding door twice, and she’s still introducing herself to people. Brick went dressed as a bowling cone for Halloween. Brick finally got a chair same as everybody.

Hi, I’m April!
The end of fall right before autumn starts.
Now he’s all ‘dogs can’t eat chocolate’.
Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston!?
Either of us would have an affair. Cause we’re too tired.
May. It sounds like Mary.
I told Axl he should be nicer to you.
My own chair!
Welcome to the family!


American Horror Story 6.07

Is anyone else not really getting this season? It’s not artsy, scary or well acted, so what’s the point of it?

I’ve done my share of slasher films t. This does not smell like corn syrup.
They only got me for 3 episodes, but I got 5! They said fans wanted more. They wanted the butcher!
Judgemental motherfucker.
You think I’m going outside, getting lost in those woods?
I know this goes against every fiber of your being, but culd you please avoid bloodshed!
How may times do I have to tell you that this is real.
I’m not American, I’m not used to all that garbage.
I’m sorry, I just wanted to be on TV!


The Simpsons 28.04

The Hunger Games and Friend Request references! Homer played Haymitch. Everyone thought Lisa was murdering people, so they gave her a graveyard wing for all her victims.

Property of Ned Homer.
Why did my best friend had to die? It’s a great college essay, but it’s not worth it.
We now bury Sherry and Terry, survived by brothers Jerry and Larry, and her father Barry and mother Mary.
Lisa Simpson’s Wing.
Hello, best friend!
I’ll have friends in college.


The Simpsons 28.05

Mousetrapping a murderer.
I lost it to someone who doesn’t speak English.
I’m always happy to temporarily lose weight.
Sorry no ethnic food in the microwave.
And woman too, cause you have to say that too.
That kid wasn’t going anywhere anyway.
Hollywood’s greatest honor, shared credit, no money.


The Good Place 1.08

The show is certainly getting bad.

You lied so much you forgot your birthday?
Or post on social media that you were emotionally invested in any of the relationships the contestants were pursuing?