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Quick, tiny post, in between flu medicine. I’ve decided not to continue watching Secrets and Lies, I only watched the opening episode of this season. I really started having mixed feelings for The Good Place after the main character was supposed to get sent back as the ‘hell people’ were extremely annoying. I’m still not sure about Divorce either. Come back tomorrow for a detailed post on that one-scene theatrical Greys, that quite shocking new AHS and many others.

The Middle 8.04

Frankie buys underwear that reads ‘I’d hit that’ after which she admits she’s been an inactive member of a local gym for 22 years. Oh man, I get that. While everyone is snapchatting from their gyms, I sit at home and try to cool off after an annoying second job I just took. I had to cut my hours in my old one, and that part time job feels like a full time, because it’s physically wrenching and I haven’t had the energy to go to the gym since September. Sure, I also moved much further away, and paying 10.99 just didn’t seem like a good idea. Back to the show, Frankie falls on the treadmill and everyone sees her ‘I’d hit that’ underwear. Troy gets on the football team, because he’s big. I don’t know how is it legal for Sue and Lexie to get that dorm room. It has to be a Health and Safety violation and the girls should have sued the school. I know most college rooms are shitty, but not that shitty. Speaking of Sue, a pizza delivery guy pronounces her names as ‘Hack’ instead of Heck. Meanwhile, Brick realizes how hard it is to pretend to be a social guy and actually have a high school experience. Let me tell you, I was exactly like Brick when I was in junior high and high school, sure I had better social skills than Brick, but It all seemed like a ton of work. No one was as into TV shows and good films as I was and to be honest, I do have two friends from those years and all the new people interested in TV and cinema I’ve met didn’t exactly ‘stay’ in my life, if you know what I mean. Even though film was my major, all the friendships ended after university. I guess it’s true what they say, we do meet our best friends in high school. And that though is scary. I guess the lesson here is try to be sociable, I know it seems like a waste of time and you don’t want to inhale all that smoke fumes, but maybe all those sociable folks are onto something. And you are definitely left out.

Woah, what a pit.
Who me?
What’s your name?
Brick Heck.
Again, not you.
I’d hit that.
If you need reading glasses to see the underwear you should probably just go straight to diapers.
Fine, right down the sport words, I’ll try to ask.
You should come.
Should I have my parents call his parents?
I don’t think high school works that way.
I’ve been an inactive member of a ladies gym going 22 years now.
I’ll have as much cereal as I want.
I have a pizza for Sue Hack.
Start packing, cause we are leaving this dump.
You hold your own pee bottle.
It was just exhausting. All I could thing about was how ling till I could leave.
Did you make your list of five favorite fonts?


Shameless 7.04

Anyone else not really digging Frank’s new family? And the whole homeless shelter storyline? Definitely the weakest episode of the season.

They’ll be good earners someday.
Those scumbags fucked with the wrong emperor.
We’ll do our drugs and beat each other up in doors.
In my country, you insult someone’s father, you get sent on a ranch to fuck a horse.
Why am I the only one in the family, you haven’t offered the job to?


How to Get Away with Murder 3.06

Gosh, this season am I right? So bad it hurts. Why can’t all the episodes be about Frank beating up Bonnie’s dad or Annalise and Eve? Going home in an hour to watch yesterday’s episode, but I wasn’t very interested in it yesterday.We learn Asher is alive, so at this point the dead man could either be Wes, Connor or Frank, or maybe Nate, but doubt it. Annalise is eating chips in the bathroom.

You take another step and I’ll chain you in the basement like Rebecca.
You’ve no idea what goes on in this house.
You spread your legs for him too?
You’re ready to fail, like your dad’s condom.
Well, court is unpredictable. Sit down.
I took you off the waitlist, I should have left you alone.
I wanted to be a better person.


The Goldbergs 4.06

One of the best episodes I’ve seen this fall.

His acting gets slightly better in every movie.
Arnold says 6 lines in this movie and your dad talked over every one.
He’s not from Austria like Arnold or Belgium like a Van Damme or wherever Segal is from.
He’s clearly having some sort of an episode, get everything you can.
Just take my 80 bucks.
Dear Lord, this is a big budget movie! I’m making a big budget movie!
Mommy remember that one time I lived in your tummy?
I just had to capture the moment, so I can remember it forever.
It’s just a store.
Not to me, I’ve had my best memories there. Just think of all the coupons I’ve doubled there, all the managers I’ve made cry, all the clothes I’ve worn for a decade and then returned no questions asked.
It looks cheap as hell. It’s all dark and hard to see. The camera shakes like crazy. Also, it sounds like crap. Like a washed out crammy public access show that’s on at midnight.
Here’s the stuff, make it good.
All this time I’ve had access to high-tech Hollywood film equipment and you’ve never told me.
Surprise, anger, surprise, anger, and most important. Love scene.
Please don’t show us love scene.
What’s the one thing you love the most about going shopping with me?
Nodding yes or no as you try on outfits, like they do in movies.
Oh fuck no, what kind of a store doesn’t have tuna. I will find tuna. give me fucking tuna.
And the Oscar for best actor goes to Barry Norman Goldberg.
Lots of other actors would say thank you, I’m saying, you’re welcome.
This film will be my calling card and it will make Jamie Lee Curtis notice me.
My sweaters, my glorious sweaters!
This is my mum’s, all of these are!
And if Gambles wasn’t going out of business before, they sure would have after my mom and sister were done there.