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Today I realized the true reason why I’ve been so depressed this past year. And that is, I haven’t done anything creative the whole year long. I used to be that type of person who wrote screenplays on a weekly basis, and drew and painted in the meantime. This past year I became more and more of a ‘watcher’. Even though I haven’t necessarily watched more than I usually do. It didn’t bother me that people got their internships, went on to pursue Mas, it didn’t bother me at all. Because I never wanted them in the first place. And then I heard about this person I know getting a publishing internship in NY. Jealousy did not wait long. Publishing is not a path I want to take, but I realized, that even though I cannot psychically pursue my dreams at this moment, I still need to build a writing portfolio I’d be proud of. That, of course, won’t stop me from writing on here and reviewing everything. Okay, onto the post.

Shameless 7.05

Frank receives a surprising donation, whereas the Gallaghers face a broken washing machine (yes, the one Jimmy gave them). Carl is actually going through with his military school application, which reminded me of the good old days when Ian wanted to join the army. Fiona plans to buy a washing joint. Debbie asks Frank for help in getting quick money and ends up fighting with a homeless woman over a corner. Child protective services are not happy with that. Debbie meets a disabled 23 year old with money and a house. Overall, a really good episode.

I have a military school interview. I can’t go in there smelling like one of Frank’s homeless.
Spelling deficiency is good for the cause.
I’m gonna be stuck in this hood forever.
Even the homeless get better stuff than us.


How To Get Away with Murder 3.07

A mother poisons herself with antifreeze, to teach her kids respect. Annalise lets the main 5 tell her what they really think of her.

This is a woman who read my diary to employees at the stuff meeting.
I just think better when I drink.
You need to drop her and represent us!
That was a lie. Eve moved to San Francisco, I haven’t spoken to her in weeks.
Mean, alcoholic…
A few more weeks of not drinking and they can add fat-ass to their list.
A policy that allowed you to read your daughter’s emails.


How To Get Away With Murder 3.08

Wes lies on the stand and Annalise tells Frank to shoot himself.

Look me in the eye and say it’s not you.
I’ll find out who it is.
Tell that bastard that if he ever comes near this house, I’ll shoot him.
Annalise needs your help.
You will probably go on a killing spree and bang on top of a corpse.
She’s the one who gave Frank the money. She took your son from you, Annalise.
Something bad is always about to happen in this house.
If I pick up the phone, she’s gonna ask me for money or to give legal advice to some methy cousin I never even knew I had.
No more blood. Promise me, Frank.
Go back inside, you were right, this is what she needs.
You let your husband beat it out of you.
Is that what your husband did?
Lots of men.
I never got better! You watched me suffer all those years! You watched me think that I killed my boy. You killed my son.
What’s taking you so long? Think I’m gonna feel guilty? Cause I won’t.
Frank, don’t!
Get out!


American Horror Story 6.08

I just realized this season only has 10 episodes. What a shame. Yes, it is a disastrous season and they seem to be replaying the same scenes over and over, but AHS is exciting and it rarely ever has weaker episodes. How about this episode, huh? Tell me Sarah Paulson thanking her fans and apologizing for dying, as she had so many wonderful performances left for her fans wasn’t the best thing you’ve seen this entire season.

I’m not getting killed off of some damn TV Show.
She flipped out when she saw Matt having sex with that thing.
Conveniently for you, we can’t ask them.
I had so many wonderful performances for you. I promise you. I will love you always.


The Good Place 1.09

For some reason this episode made me want to rewatch Veronica Mars. Four episodes down, three seasons to go.

The nice boring one is yours, the trash bag is ours.
I truly believe that the good place is where you belong.
I don’t belong here, but I want to.
We’re not letting Fake Eleonor go.


Divorce 1.01

A show I’m still not fully sure of, but I do like the husband, so I may just keep watching. I absolutely adored the Sandra Bullock reference!

Obviously trying to shoot him, didn’t help.
You’re Jessie James and I’m Sandra Bullock. I get to rise from the ashes and win a fucking Academy Award!


Divorce 1.02

Seems hypocritical to ask for a divorce, when you’re the one cheating. The husband found out about wife’s affair. The show seems funny so far.

I’m not completely convinced it’s the same dog, but let’s move on.


Divorce 1.03

Best episode yet! Especially liked the part when the husband went to a house viewing and pretended to be a buyer and when he couldn’t get over the shock of how many times his wife slept with this Kiwi guy (and he’s still convinced he’s French). He also lied about helping 9/11 responders, because he thought the shops would be the next target.

Whoever did this place did a fucking good job! Are you gonna make and offer? Are you a real estate agent? I’d like to make an offer!
What the fuck!?
What was the number you had in your head?
Doesn’t it sound like they did a shitload of fucking? It sounds like they did a shitload of fucking to me.
Making the fuck with French pendacho.
He had an emotional affair with her.
It wasn’t an affair. We didn’t fuck!
You had rushed down to ground zero to deliver water to first responders.
Oh fuck it, I didn’t take any water to anybody.


Divorce 1.04

Robert wants to make a indoors playground for kids and call it a happy place, which sounds like a great place for pedophiles to pick their victims.

Bonjour, fuck face.
It’d be a real pedophile magnet. It’s exactly where I would hang out if I was turned on by kids.