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Most of our shows are now on a hiatus (thank God for Shameless and The Middle). I was shocked to hear SVU is on a hiatus without any prior announcement. Same with The Good Place. What will you be watching during the break? I will watch Gilmore Girls next Friday, then Fuller House on the 8th of December! I will also watch the rest of the new Transparent, the last few episodes of the last season of Bones and catch up on Jane the Virgin. I also plan to rewatch the first 3 seasons of American Horror Story, possibly seeing the 5th one, still uncertain if I should. Next week I’ll post a massive post on the shocking HTGAWM finale and much more!

Shows now on hiatus: Greys, SVU, How to Get Away With Murder, The Good Place, AHS (done until September 2017)

Shows with new episode for the next two weeks: Shameless, The Middle, Younger, The Simpsons, Scream Queens, Divorce

Greys 13.07

I don’t like the new character played by Justin’s girlfriend on Brothers and Sisters and Scott Foley’s wife. I’m not happy about her taking Webber’s job and eventually hooking up with Arizona. The highlight of this shitty episode was when the new character misspells Amelia’s name as Amelio Shepherd.

A teacher beat up a student.
We’ll see how fascinating she is when she starts handing out pink slips.
So direct her to the door.
Who the heck is Amelio Shepherd?!
That name with that face? It’s not one I’d forget about.


Greys 13.08

The way Ellen Pompeo said Zola’s name that one time, after the girl told her to go and fix daddy, as she fixes everybody. Absolutely breathtaking. The perfect definition of daydreaming was used as Meredith explained how we make someone up to get through the day in the closing narration. As some who daydreams 18/24 hours a day, let me tell you, it was fulfilling.  I could identify with this episode in a little different way as I have suffered from insomnia since I was 14, and working on used batteries is something I’m very familiar with, especially after working nights for 2.5 years. Richard treats the surgery as a teaching moment as he asks the doctors to imagine it’s someone they love laying on their table. They do something similar, Owen speaks to his missing sister, who tells him he should have married Meredith; Stephanie sees her younger version of herself; Meredith sees her children waiting for her to tell them Derek’s dead and Richard talks about the mother he lost to pancreatic cancer when he was ten. We finally learned something new about him, up to this point all we new was Adele/Ellis/Maggie concerned and now we’re finally getting to know his childhood a little bit. I loved the theatrical, single scene episode and no surprises there, Meredith’s story was my favorite. We watched her tell Zola and Bailey about Derek’s death and we got to see Derek, well a 2006 version of him, thanks to an old footage of him back in season 2. I loved it when Owen’s sister was walking around Meredith in the OR and there was this orange light following her, whereas everyone else was still. We learned why Stephanie became a surgeon and it was a beautiful episode. I loved it when the little girl raised her voice and said ‘Speak up’ in a way that Olivia often does on Shonda’s other show Scandal. Hmm, when to think of it, Mellie too! Powerful women on that show. I could write essays on this episode alone, here are all the best quotes.

We need sleep. Without it we make poor decisions, say things we shouldn’t and sometimes imagine something that’s not there.
How do you know when you’re too tired to operate?
When you make the first mistake.
I have a question, does Gale have a dog?
Maybe she’s whatever Dr Webber says she is.
And I outrank you!
You’re not going to choke this one too, right?
Shut up, for God’s sakes!
We spent months reading about it, remember?
Speak up!
When you’ve been stuck in a bed through most of your childhood…
Children? Are there children?
They’re waiting with her downstairs in the lobby.
Grey, what is your problem!?
What do you think I’m doing right now? Massaging this heart for exercise?
Is he hurt?
Then you should go in there and fix him! You fix everybody!
Zola… I can’t fix him, because no one can fix him. Because, he’s dead. Daddy died.
You didn’t make Gale up.
It’s okay son, there was nothing you could have done, you were only 10 years old.
We can do a partial liver transplant.
Nice save, Grey.
Sometimes you play games in your head. You make up someone, someone good. Whatever you need to keep you going.


Greys 13.09

Bailey told DeLuca to use the Karev method of identifying patients using the Polaroid camera, which broke me. Remember the ferry boat accident back in season three? What a ride that was. Four of the songs from season one and two were reused and everything felt warm and homey and I felt like a teenager again. I really hope Alex doesn’t leave. I know he wasn’t getting good storylines, but he is one of the MAGIC five. When Meredith mentioned the original five and how she can’t be the only one by herself, naturally I burst into tears. I really enjoyed all the Alex/Jo interactions and him telling her she is Jo Wilson and should stay. Leah made Ben impersonate a priest and it was fun to watch him explain himself in front of his wife when she knew nothing about it. Overall, it was a fantastic episode, and I’m only annoyed by the main character they’re trying to push down our and Arizona’s throats. I would rather have her be with Leah than with this Brothers and Sisters alum.

Zero years is the goal.
The only way they can identify who made it to this hospital and who didn’t is this photo. I want a photo of every patient on this board in the next hour.
One minute you’re fine and the next thing, everything just collapses around you.
That has to be illegal.
The foundation was crippling.
You’re not trash. Don’t let anyone say that. You’re not trash, Jo.
I’m married. I’m married to a guy who almost beat me to death.
Jo Wilson isn’t my real name. That’s why I couldn’t marry you.
If I disappear after tomorrow, I don’t want you to think it’s you, ever.
This is your life. You’re Jo Wilson, you belong here.
Jo’s married.
What are you even saying right now?
That’s how I taught you to fire people. I’m ornamental and you know it.
You’ll be okay. You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.
Me? Of course, I’ll be fine. I’m always fine, don’t you know that?
Who you are will be gone.
I’d hug you goodbye, but you’d have to scrub again. Goodbye, Mer.
You know I’d go down the river for you. Whatever you’re doing this for, please don’t.


American Horror Story 6.09

Taissa Farmiga is back! (and gets killed off in the same episode). I thought there was enough of the ‘found footage’ this season, which seems like a longer and a lot worse good old Blair Witch. This should have been the season finale.

Oh my God, is that the same girl!?
That’s the thing, there was no body.
This is exactly how every horror movie works!
Can you say that again?
I killed Daddy.
This is such  good idea. God, I can’t wait to get to the house!
Let me just say, that I’m a huge fan.
Oh no, I love Shelby!
Present yourself for slaughter.
They killed two kids.
Jesus, there’s another one.
You fucking murderer.


The Simspons 28.06

What a fine Friday Night Lights like episode. Adored all the music and the little FNL things, but it didn’t seem like enough. Why would it, it wasn’t a tribute, just one long reference. I enjoy the kid centred episodes the most.

We’re late to prenatal yoga.
Milhouse is 10 why are we still doing that?


The Simpsons 28.07

The Simpsons head to Cuba and the highlight being Homer buying postcards and saying that saves him a trip to the beach. Started off good, turn to nonsense.

I love seeing people I know, fail.
A lot of things are America’s shame.
I’m sorry there’s a fee if you don’t cancel withing 24 years.
That saves us from going to the beach.


Divorce 1.05

Okay, at least, Dean Winters joined the cast! Other than that, this show is so bad and boring, I’m only watching it because it will only have one season (let’s hope). Why the heck was she telling the lawyer about her never faking an orgasm with her husband we’ll never know.

Savable? She fucked a French guy 69 times!
I wanted you to help me move them, not put my dead husband’s flowers on your fucking coffee table!
This is not a teaching hospital! This is my life!
He couldn’t pick that dog out in a fucking line up.


Divorce 1.06

He took the fault on himself, so her parents wouldn’t know she was the one cheating, okay that was actually good. The husband saying ‘Pleased to meet you’ instead of ‘Peace be with you’ at the church was another lovely surprise from this below average show.

Pleased to meet you!
I don’t like touching people.
I cheated on her.