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Congrats to Greys, How to Get Away and Scandal on joining The Middle among the shows we’ll see next year!

Greys 13.12

It seems ridicoulous for DeLuca to drop the charges, Karev injured his eye for Christ’s sake. How can you just forgive him to save a girl you have a crush on. Just wait how mad he’ll get when she goes back to Karev. They actually replaced Grey with Kepner as the chief of General Surgery as Meredith gets suspended. We meet Maggie’s mom and they rob us of the moments she met Webber and Meredith. At least Meredith loves her. Meanwhile, a woman is stuck in a razor wire and Hunts cuts himself on it as he tries to calm her down.

I’m dropping the charges
Has he threatened you?
I get a star what I do play nice with others.
Maggie your mom is here.
Arizona and I are already old friends.
She told on me?
Then you no longer have an OR.
You’re suspended.
Bailey took out Grey.
Look at the hospital sign. Grey seems untouchable.
I just lost mine.
I need to introduce him to my mother.
Did Shepherd got canned too?
Then you get Meredith Grey suspended?
You’re Maggie Pierce’s mom so yes.
Your mom’s in the kitchen.
My mom? She met you without me. You met?
I’m in love with her, the woman’s incredible. I’m going to binge watch TV tell her she can move in.
Karev? He’s in prison.
Why did she leave though?
Bailey already found the new chief of General?
Bailey replaced you with Kepner.


The Middle 8.13

Shockingly, even The Middle has bad days.

I feel like anything I say here is going to be wrong, so you wanna just hug me?
The paved the bump.
Do you weirdly feel like you want to eat a lot of ice cream?
I weirdly do.

4 / 10

SVU 18.10

Congrats to SVU on 400 episodes! Sadly, this was one of the weakest, they should have left it off with the son being a perv.

He’s my son’s best friend.
You sexually assaulted him about 10 times.
Nothing natural healthy about statutory rape.
She’s Borderline.
He was standing there, masturbating.
What my mum said about me, It’s a lie.
I know that.


How to get away with murder 3.11

I killed Wes, tell Annalise I’m sorry.
I trusted you to get me out on bail.
Frank turned himself in.
I know what it’s like to be scared of Annalise.
He knows about Sam, I told him.
You need to put it on Frank.
They don’t like gay people there.
They charged Frank as you co-conspirator.


Nashville 5.05

Write ‘Their friends are sitting over there’.
I’m sorry I’m not comfortable with that.
You’re bipolar.
The only thing holding you back is you.
Maddie tells us you’re a musician.
Not like you, I play some country and blues.

2.5 / 10

Nashville 5.06

I don’t care if he’s green blue or purple.
I want toMake a gospel album gospel and spiritual.
We have big plans for you.
Daphne, I’m a friend off Rayna.
You don’t know my mum.

3 / 10

Scandal 6.02

I dodn’t realize Mellie’s middle name was Margaret. Same as Olivia Benson, and oh right, me. I’ve always hated that name, but now I’m getting to being okay with it.

I want you to join me as vice president.
Mary Margaret Grant.
I’m pretty sure it’s just love. I have gone without it all this time. Can you believe I went for so long never feeling. Is this what you felt with Fitz, because if it is, I understand. You should have it.
You can’t be the person who destroys every single relationship I have.
Good luck getting back to the White House.
We don’t have a candidate anymore.
Over my dead body.


The Simpsons 28.11

Loved the McDonalds reference, I only made it through 5.5 days myself. The episode is disappointing, unfortunately it’s not thant uncommon recently.

I thought you would say grandpa died.
The meeting isn’t over yet.
I got turned down by McDonald’s.
You are imagining mayonnaise doctors?


Switched at birth 5.01

I’m not really into that China thing. I thought it was pretentious last year, and it still is. And to learn the language as hard as Mandarin just by living in China for 8 months is ridiculous. I’m unhappy about Bay working as a tattoo artist as it does not seem realistic. They should shave shown her pursuing art, painting benches and having her little art projects, only a few artists go into tattooing. I really admired Emmett’s storyline up until the point Melody said he was depressed. Can’t he just fail without turning it into a mental breakdown? I hated how snobby he was all last season talking about his big film projects and never failing once. I guess they’re gonna move him back to Kansas and I’m actually okay with that. No parent is as concerned about their child’s depression as Melody is in this episode and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels sad and betrayed by this episode. I couldn’t care less about Travis and Bay, I think they work fine together, so it’ll be a waste when Bay and Emmett get back together.

I’m gonna work at a tattoo parlor.
Where do you think Travis was living those 8 months.
Pre-med classes are closed.
I know for a fact that he was rejected from all the big festivals.
He was always talking about how things were so much better in high school and how life will never be as good as it was back then.
I shouldn’t have made a movie about what happened to you.
I thought it was going to open all these doors for me but it didn’t.
Why don’t you move in here?
Do you remember your uncle? He commited suicide.
He was this thriving, funny, ambitious kid and then in the course of a year, when he was around your age, he changed. He would just suddenly feel deeply profoundly lonely and he didn’t know why or how to stop it. And then it turned into a tragedy.


Riverdale 1.01

What really caught my attention was the wonderful narration of the show. I’ve done my share of radio work and honestly, this is the material a radio person or a voice actor would want to work with. Just try reading these five lines:

‘Our story begins as that’s what the Blossom Twins did that summer.
A week later the Blossom family buried an empty caskett.
He was looking for the girl next door, instead he found me.
It was a town of shadows and secrets now.
On Tuesday, halfway through 5th period,the first arrest would be made.’

I personally loved these lines, shout out to you, Riverdale for doing such a good job. I will stick around for the lovely scenography for example in scenes like: where the Blossom twins hold hands or get out of the car with their red haid and Cheryl’s red shoes. It was aesthetically pleasing.

Another thing worth mentioning, Betty squeezing her fists so hard, her nails left bloody marks on her hands, plus she’s on Aderral.

By the rivers Edge.
I dropped a glove in the water and Jason reach down to get it accidentally tipped the boat and panicked and drown.
Don’t rush this time, Betty, it goes by so fast at your age. One summer can change everything.
Sunday night, thank God for HBO.
Wonderful, 10 minutes in and I’m already the Blue Jasmine of Riverdale High.
We heard fireworks.
He was shot.


Riverdale 1.02

The episode was much much worse than the first one.

Watch it, Wednesday Addams.
Most of the time the people we like, don’t like us back.
Oh little Archie,we’re too young. Ask me when I’m 18 and I’ll say yes.
Get the hell out of my house before I kill you.
Why were you so against them being together.
Did you and Donnie Darko kill him together?
Jason died over a week later.

3.5 / 10

Riverdale 1.03

Girls took down school players, it all felt forced and unnecesary.

Polly’s in this book, next to Jason.
You want to be a bad girl like a sister Polly was.
Archie has talent, unquestionable.
I am soundproofing the garage.
You became another person.
If he hurt Polly, I’m sorry.
I saw Miss Grundy’s car by the river.