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Congrats to SVU on 400 episodes!

Grey’s Anatomy 13.11

30 years to life.
That’s not even his case.
The pelvis is broken, trapping the baby’s head.
I was going to go home and tell my kids that daddy was a hero today.
How did it get from that to like everybody’s dying?
You’re not welcome on my case, and Webber, he’s a friend of mine.
Is she ok? Is she sober, at least tell me that.
Is this guy breathing funny.
I need to be two people. I need to Alex.
You saved that kid’s life.
Stuff like this happens and I’m built for it.
Amelia? Where’s Amelia? Where is everybody?
So you keep going, you don’t give up, you stand tall, you fight.
I miss Alex, I hate that he’s gone.
They hurt, they break, they bleed.


SVU 18.09

SVU serves another amazing episode, and the last two lines between

I think I’ve been raped.
Can you tell me what happened?
I can’t, I don’t remember anything.
The lab results came back and it shows two separate semen samples.
Are you saying two men raped me?
The sample is a familiar match.
Don’t worry dear I can afford it.
If they’re coming to the party, what do they expect?
When your grandfather sees someone younger than he is, getting somebody prettier than he gets, he can’t stand it.
Your mother was just pregnant with you, she was beautiful, radiant, he invited us to a party and he gave her a drink, a special drink.
Do you think this generation is better?
I don’t think this generation is any better, or different. It’s just younger.
Lieutenant Benson, SVU.


Nashville 5.07

Are we really ready to see Maddie dating a guy who lives in a basement-like apartment?

These are the facts, honey, the rest is just cheap whisky.
Where exactly were you when the cake burned?
An alarm went off.
Does it hurt… being in love?
But underneath the pain, my favorite hurricane.


Scandal 6.03

Meredith’s father better gets out of prison as this show cannot afford to lose Cyrus.

Why are you investigating Cyrus Bean?
I crawled across the lawn to get here, let me in.
They were sleeping together.
I’ll withdraw, if Mellie does. Let the country pick a new president.
What you called the most beautiful thing, I’m keeping it. It’s not safe in your hands.
I want to be the president of the United States.
You deserve to die more than anyone I’ve ever killed.
He confessed.
Mellie, you are the next president of the United States.
Cyrus, I want you to be the vice president.


How to get away with murder 3.12

In case of emergency.
They’re not coming? The kids.
The memorial’s today.
Keep coming for me, maybe I will murder somebody.
She just confessed to burning down the house with her brother in it.
Of course not, that would be illegal.
You honestly want me to believe you lost the body.
They lost his body that proves you’re being framed.
You said you didn’t believe me.
Do you think me and you up here had nothing to do with it?
He didn’t do it.
We are all crazy debating over who killed our friend.
You didn’t just neglect them, you molested them.
Take a picture.
Who the hell are you?
Beyonce. Who the hell are you?


Switched at birth 5.02

Bay got a job as a Tattoo Apprentice.

Is that your book.
Those guys were talking about robbing you.
I speak Mandarin, I know ASL.
Can I see your portfolio?


The Simpsons 28.12

The Gatsby two-parter was not a success.


The Simpsons 28.13


The Good Place 1.12

I’m going to sit alone in my house watching wedding fails on the YouTube, drinking margaritas through a straw until I pass out on my vibrator.
Do you have a second to talk about the environment?
No bug off whale humper.
Is there a 7-Eleven on the way?
I’m talking Kristen Stewart on red carpet level of emotionless.
Eleanor is not currently in the bad place, we have no idea where she is.
This is not your bar mitzvah anymore, bitch, now it’s my 24th birthday.
I was disturbed particularly by starting fire in the mailbox to get the mailman to take off his shirt.
Oh your accomplices will go to the bad place instead.
We’re off the hook!


The Good Place 1.13

I cried when they restarted everything. This was an awesome season finale to a so-so show.

You do realise the bad place is not exactly a couple of the retreat.
This is the bad place.
We’ve been torturing each other.
Hey, now this is the bad place.
Side note, I might legit be into Tahani.
Welcome, everything is fine.
You Eleonor, are dead.
Eleonor, find Chidi.