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I will not be posting reviews of the last two Bones episodes, simply because they were the last two ever, and they were perfect and emotional and I wanted to really take those 90 min in and I believe I’ve succeeded. I was back to being a teenager falling in love with Bones for the very first time all those years ago  Also, I will be posting a separate single review of Thirteen Reasons Why.

Bones 12.09

Gordon Gordon is back and David’s wife guest stars. And it’s a hell of a final season!

Ah yes, poor doctor Sweets.
I could hardly pass this gorgeous creature without saying hi.
Buck and Wanda.
It’s not a good time, I’m looking for trees.
Bones, you’ve got this. I love you.
Bone crasher.
My wife and I have a few questions for you.


Greys 13.16

They’ve cast Eric Roberts as Avery’s dad!

I’m Jackson Avery, I’m your son.
Jackson, oh son!
You’re a surgeon?
Tell me something, anything, I know nothing.
I guess what I’m asking is are you happy?
I was born into that life and she was born for it.
Jackson, now that’s wonderful.
Thank you mom, for everything.


Bates Motel 5.03

He killed her, then froze her, who does that?!
She was everything to me. Our mom was crazy, she locked us up in a room for a day, two with no food, no bathroom. And the thing that got me through all that was being with Norma.
When did you two split up?
She left when she was 17. She took off with some guy from high school.
Because you were raping her.
I don’t wanna talk about that.
You don’t need to announce her, You’re not our butler.
It wouldn’t work because you’re both in love with me.
He’s your son.
And you’re my brother.


Bates Motel 5.04

He just ran out on the road, got hit, no one is at fault.
Don’t ever do that to me again.


This is Us 1.12

Well those Jane Fonda tapes are really working for me.
I want to freeze the time with them, so I can get a little bit more.
He’s pretty much perfect. I’ve seen what else is out there.


This is Us 1.13

What’s beneath the weight is more weight.
He’s this incredible little person.
They all loke him more than me, everyone does.
I have seen, and I’m not exaggerating here, every romantic comedy ever made.
Sounds like a recap, not a question.
In loving memory.
My ex husband, who i haven’t seen in 12 years shows up on my doorstep, what am I supposed to say?
You always have to go big, don’t you, Pearson?
For you, Sophie, always.
Sophie’s Kate’s best friend.
I can’t dad. I love her.
So this whole party was for Sophie.
I couldn’t make Kate feel better.


This is Us 1.14

How’s Kate?
I created a fake Facebook profile, so I could keep up with you.
You walking into my fourth grade class was the best thing that ever happened to me.
He worked himself into a nervous breakdown.


Modern Family 8.18

Man, that stuff is good.
Yes, we’re not an idiot.
What’s your team?
Gay. I’m not sure why that’s relevant.
This is the first part of every Lifetime movie about college girl meltdown.
And Tony from the Warehouse.
Watch a jerk steal your spot.