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Where the hell is my SVU renewal? I still have Grace and Frankie, When Calls the Heart and American Crime to catch up on and Girlboss, Feud and When we Rise to start. I won’t watch anymore The Good Fight till June, same with Transparent.

Greys 13.18

Ellen Pompeo’s directing debut. Every time they mention Ellis Grey it makes my week. Maggie’s mom dies after Maggie pushes he too much. Richard met Maggie’s dad.

Tell Meredith not to what? Drink too much? Fall in love? She never finished that thought.
I’m really glad she found you.
Meredith, darling, you’re fired.
I’d like to pay my respect you Ellis. Where is she burried?
I love my mother enough not to say screw it and throw her down a damn drain.
She is a happy person, she’s cheerful, this will give her darkness.
I think about my mother’s not all the time.
Ellis never forgave me.
Tell Meredith not to be afraid.
Goodbye, mom.


Bones 12.10

Bud Bundy guest stars. Betty White is back and no longer an anthropologist. I was shocked when Brennan told Wendell he clearly doesn’t like being an anthropologist, considering he’s been here since season 5.

He played Bud Bundy on married with children for like 10 years. I love that show!
Sounds like Bud Bundy just threatened our victim.
Most people don’t love their jobs, they don’t even like them.
Please, Agent Andy, this needs to stay between the two of us.
I’ve never even been to Los Angeles.
You’re gonna love it. It’s a place of schemes and dreams and pros and cons, all about the show.
I couldn’t breathe if I didn’t do this anymore. I was so excited to write my dissertation because I loved what I was doing, and I couldn’t wait to keep learning.
You’re too smart to waste your life away on something that your heart isn’t in.
I like my job, but compared with you and the other interns.
There’s something bigger out there, you need to go after it while you still can.
You guys are like my family here.
That will not change.


SVU 18.13

Just a reminder that Olivia and her adopted son Noah are both children of rapists. This is why SVU is the best show. They haven’t mentioned Olivia being a child of rape since season 15 and it may have been a boring episode, but at least Olivia mentioned being a child of rape. Olivia spent the entire episode talking how there’s no such thing as rape gene, and then she clearly was concerned about Noah turning to one.

He said that he was born to be a rapist.
No, it’s not real and it’s ridiculous.
I did it okay, I raped her I was born this way. I was born to be a rapist.
You obviously didn’t tell Carissi about your father.
Did you turn into your father?
It repulses you, because you’re not a rapist.
My father was a rapist.
I’ll love you no matter what.


The Middle 8.18

Remember how exceptional the first 6 seasons were? Absolutely fantastic, this season? Not at all. At least Axl and Lexie hooked up. And the phone cracking was relevant. People crack their screens all the time.

Is this college or nursery home?
And then you were a teenager and you were just as delightful.


The Goldbergs 4.19

Prom was not even half as good as I expected.

The real Jackie.


The Goldbergs 4.20

What is happening to this show, this was boring.

Greatest adventure of growing up.


Switched at Birth 5.07

I cried when Angelo said he’s proud of Bay.

I lost my biological dad the day I got switched, and then I lost him when he died, and thanks to you I just lost him again.
I’m so proud of you.


Riverdale 1.08

My notes don’t explain how I gave it a 5, but I guess I enjoyed it.

Do you think you can walz in here with a bug infested trojan horse?
So you did to Poly exactly what you did to me.
A bou and a girl.


American Crime 3.01

Sandra Oh joined the cast. Are we supposed to be all in awe of this show, when it’s just a one long and much weaker SVU episode? Just like last season?

I want to arrest your pimp.
I sat here with kids your age, going through…You name it, they’re going through it.
Get them in, get them on a farm, get them working.
Don’t rush, go do your job.
Wanna hang out with me and my boyfriend?
Go get your ass up, go do some work.
If you let me, I will do anything I can to help you.


American Crime 3.02

Lynette Scavo is the only precious one this season, and I know last season we were supposed to hate her, but I feel like thisyear, her character is going to be very likeable. The only storyline I’m not enjoying is the one with the teenage drug addict working on the farm. The storyline of a father looking for his son never gets old.

If there’s a good way to talk about exploitation.
They’re spraying pesticides while we work, cover your face or you’ll be breathing poison.
What do men do with women?
My son.
Yeah I’m pregnant.
Have you been pregnant before?
How did that pregnancy end?
It ended.
They were trapped inside?


American Crime 3.03

The show finally got interesting with the Raping Fields and they even went as far as opening the episode with rape. But where the fuck is Lili Taylor?

I’m asking if I can do something.
I’m pregnant again and I’m not gonna keep it.
I don’t care about the phone, I just wanted to use the camera.
Just in case.
He’s my son.
You know what they call the fields?
The Green Motel.
The bosses think they can do whatever they want to women.
They can do whatever they want, nobody cares.4/10