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I have decided to leave Grace and Frankie, When We Rise, Feud and When Calls the Heart till April/May. I won’t have time to catch up on Transparent till late May. I’m starting Thirteen Reasons Why later next week. There’s also 10 films expiring on Netflix today and tomorrow that I want to watch.

Bones 12.08

That slow motion shot of Tempe throwing dirt on her dad’s caskett was one of the prettiest things I’ve seen all year. Sully is back, 10 years later.

Max used to buy this soda for the kids.
Sully, the only guy besides Booth who ever stood a chance.
You’ve aged.
Am i imagining or is there some sort of history there?
Without Sully, I don’t think I would have been ready for this, us. And I love this.
I love you.
I love you Bones, always.
My father gave up his life to protect my children.
The hardest battle Max Keenan started was over 10 years ago when he reentered my life.
Bye, dad.


Bates Motel 5.02

Vera’s French is the cutest thing I’ve heard in a while! Caleb finds Norma’s body. There were so many beautiful scenes this episode, including Caleb crying on Norma’s grave. I don’t understand why is Norma surprised Norman wants to date a girl that looks exactly like her, he was sexually obsessed with her last season!

I’ve gotten to know this nice girl Joanna, she’s really cute and nice.
I’m studying French.
What kind of French course is this?
Your sister, she passed away. It was a terrible tragedy. She died. She comitted suicide. It made the local news.
Norma Bates 1974-2015.
Norman Bates 1995-
I’m more of a doer.
What is it you’re always doing?
She looks like me, just like me, but 10 years younger.
Are you gonna be one of those guys?
Dylan, Norma’s kid. Your kid.
Don’t you dare talk about her like that!
We don’t have to talk about how you raped your sister.
She wouldn’t kill herself.
I warned Norma about her kid. I told her he’s gonna snap some day, she didn’t listen to me.
He’s not gonna get away with it.
Holy shit.


The Middle 8.17

Sue looked so pretty in that party dress! I was shocked to learn she likes Sean!

I’m not getting up at 6 to buy books.
I should have stayed at Ferguson.
Local woman finds hat in a tree.
I made the Dean’s list this year, of people graduating.
Anything you’d like to tell me?
Happy Birthday to you!
That was 5 months ago!
Cindy was the famme fatale.
You look so beautiful!
Do you need someone to go with you? Ron, get over here!
I was chasing something that wasn’t probably ever a thing.


The Goldbergs 4.18

Duh, that’s why she’d take the class. To learn.
Known as Bare.
She’s making them wear a bunch of schmatas.
Fuck me.
All that matter is me and you.
9 kids, are you crazy?!
There’s a medical emergency.
It’s time for you to start your life.
In loving memory of Lucky.


This is Us 1.11

Or girlfriends.
I prefer that.
See you’re not homophobic.
The thing is, that I’m kinda in love with you.
He told me that he loves me and I didn’t say it back.
I’d marry the hell out of you, ever since the moment I met you.
This is gonna be a great place to raise a family.


Riverdale 1.06

School for troubled youth.
I’m here to see my sister Polly.
Does he know that I’m here?
Who, Polly?
Polly, Jason is dead.
I pay the sisters good money, you think they don’t notify me if Polly get’s a visit?
Did you kill Jason Blossom?
This whole car is a crime scene.


Big Little Lies 1.03

Reese crying over learning her new friends has been raped is the single good thing on this show.

Can I call you Madeline?
As opposed to what? Arthur?
And then he got aggressive.
Then he finished.
You’re the first person I told about it.


Big Little Lies 1.04

So Reese was sleeping with that colleague of hers? And I thought this show couldn’t get any more predictable. And what up with that random car accident?

Somebody’s biting our daughter.
She was sexually assaulted.
Anything in his background?
Like he was angry he had come to this world.
Plan? For what?
For what to do when he hurts you.


Big Little Lies 1.05

Wait so the play is about puppets fucking and they all think it’s appropriate for children?!
Why don’t you and Doug have sex? Because I was raped?
I’d kill him if I could.