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Greys 13.22

Meredith giving away the tumor Derek drew for her so she can fuck her boyfriend in peace is appaling, and I like those two together. Parents don’t want their kid to have surgery because of their strong faith in God. Stephanie gets suspended for throwing a tablet at the dad.

As someone who’s been around a lot of death and been left behind by it, I can tell you, trust me, you don’t want that.
You can go to jail again.
I can go to jail for this.
Don’t let it hold you back. No more sitting here and waiting. Grab your new life by the hand and go out there and live it. Change is good.


The Goldbergs 4.23

Is it Jane Fonda?
It’s from Gremlins.


Nashville 5.13

How did Deacon not think Maddie self harmed?! All the freaking songs this episode! Absolutely spectacular! Maddie’s reendition of the Daria theme! Avery’s song ! And the Exes too! The homeless girl crying at the photo of Rayna with her Deacon and the girls!

I feel so alone,  keep heading home!
Or the foster drunks who never understood no means no.
Cause you’re coming home with me.
I love you even when I don’t.
Where’s your real dad?
In jail.
What about your mom?
She died.
Do you mind me asking how old are you?
You can stay.
I’ll be fine.
Just know I’ll be there.
I’m on my way.


Riverdale 1.12

This is the episode where Madchen reinvented herself! She was absolutely fabulous in it! I am ready for Twin Peaks return. Shelly was my favorite in the original one. The scene where theCoopers walzed in was my second favorite this season.

I’m a Blossom?!
Which makes her and Jason relatives by blood.
Don’t bother calling the cops, we’re not staying.
Sorry to disturb the witching hourat Thornehill.
She chose to live here remember, with the mentally stable family.
Oh I know all about your family, Penelope and the incest.
Nothing could be more purely Blossom than those babies.
Enough of this Dr Moreau experimentation in breeding and eugenics! It’s over!
There it is. Maybe syrup. Drown in it, why don’t you!
Nancy Drew strikes again.
You did a bad thing daddy, and now everyone knows.
And then the unthinkable happened.


Pretty Little Liars 7.14

Lucas is definitely A.D. He has always been a stalker, and I have been suspicious of him since season two or something. The song Devil Devil by Milck is so freaking good.

Luke, Lucas maybe.
You know him?
You’re sitting on his couch.
I remember the procedure.
I want to cancel my appointment.
No one can know how ciolated and used you must feel.
It’s supposed to kand on Aria!


Pretty Little Liars 7.18

It pissed me off when Hanna said ‘Childhood’ teddy bear, that’s why I hate season 7 so much, they all think they’re so grown up and shit. How many times do I have to say this! Alison is not gay and never will be!

I think she’s on the A.D. team.
I just received proof that yu were not in town at the time of the murder.
I’ll tell you what we should do.
Why didn’t we do that earlier?
I hope you enjoyed the game, Aria. I know I have.
It’s Mona, signal is coming from inside the apartment.


Girlboss 1.01

Crying because of work, relatable. The thing she did where she lied to the person on the phone saying there was an ambulance passing by, so she could cry was incredible. So was the scene where she tried to push her car up the road on a gorgeous San Francisco street? Incredible! I just realizedthis year we got 3 shows based in San Francisco, Girlboss, When We Rise and Fuller House of course.

How old are you?
Did I eat her sandwich? Yeah.
Can you hold on a second, there’s an ambulance next to me.
Bring on adulthood, motherfucker.


Hollywood Darlings 1.04

Who the fuck complained?!
I’ve been around the block enough to know when someone’s about to fuck me up.
We’ll give you 40% discount.


Modern Family 8.20

Why the hell did they think it’s appropriate for Lily to have a bra at 9 years old?

I like his energy. He doesn’t have any.
Hey where do I park?
Between two lines.
My make-up was not insured.


Modern Family 8.21


F is for Family 2.08

I was moved by the co-pilot story about putting off your future because of an obstacle. Since that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 4 yeavrs.



F is For Family 2.09

Mom, dad, ar you fighting?


F is For Family  2.10

Man I hope it’s lesbian stuff.
She was hotter than a car seat in August.
Fuck you.
What are you doing here?
Fucking up my life.
Frank what the fuck?