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lady bird blockers finding your feet

Lady Bird

Lady Bird is especially relatable for anyone who went away to uni, leaving their family and hometown behind. In the end, realizing that their town and how they were brought up was in fact, enough.



Hilarious! Loved the friendship between the three parents!


Finding your feet

‘Where are you going?’
‘To see the world, it’s bigger than this.’

I hope Finding Your Feet gets an international cinema release, so you can all enjoy it as much as I did.


suburbicon hello fences


I have never fallen asleep at the movies…until today. Kept dozing off a few times, which just proves how boring Suburbicon is. Yes Julie Moore was great, and the little kid was alright too, but you should wait a year for it to air on HBO or be added on Netflix.


Hello, my name is Doris

Really into the Sally Field and Tyne Daly friendship. And the scene where Natasha Lyonne’s character talks about teenage selfharm. Sally Field’s performance, incredible as always.



This worked so much better as a play. They never even left the house! No one deserves to listen to Denzel Washington whine about same things over and over again. If you’ve seen ANY of Viola’s earlier performaces, you know what she can DO! She has an amazing acting range! I don’t know why everyone is so impressed with her in this, when she was equally good everywhere else. I didn’t think she showed anything else in Fences, it was her usual best.


bridget wrinkle sin of innocence

Bridget Jones’s Baby

Never explained why or when Bridget and Mark broke off their engagement.


A Wrinkle in Time

I do still occasionally enjoy new films for teens and children, but I am just too old for this one.


Sin of Innocence

Only took me an hour and a half to realize the girl is Anne from Green Gobles! The film was missing the incestious vibe you’d expect and Dermont’s random reactions got unrealistic and simply annoying as he wept cause his daddy wouldn’t let him shag his new sister.


it tothebone gifted

Stephen King’s IT

3 hours well spent. This was one of many horrors that formed me into a horror obsessed kid that I’ve always been. It may not be scary like Chucky was, unless you’re afraid of clowns, but it was creepy and weird and that’s what I’m into. I loved IT so much, I decided to submitt my painting of the Clown as one of my works when tranfering to Advanced Art in my first year of high school. If you didn’t want to be a member of the lucky seven squad, you’re lying to yourself. I was the fat kid.


To The Bone

The only disturbing scene was the random baby bottle one. It makes a joke of eating disorders, how are you suppose to show this film to someone who is skeptical of eating disorders when they burst out loud laughing because of the bottle scene. The film is nowhere near as good as Sharing the Secret or When Friendship Kills, but I’m glad that every couple of years we get a new ED film. The fourteen and fifteen-year-old version of myself would be all over this one.



Little Man Tate, but average.


once upon a time big wedding red-sparrow-e1526772431909.jpg

Once Upon a Time in America

The middle part of the film was completely flawed. The sweet and sour childhood flashbacks, the second assault and the third act were what held this film together.


The Big Wedding

I watched it at the cinema and the best part of the film was the Michael Buble song that played at the end.


Red Sparrow

Best part of the film was when a young couple one row before me, clearly on their first date, left the minute Jennifer got to the academy. Boy, it would have been extremely awkward for them if they stayed a minute longer. That’s the problem with this film, people see Jennifer partner up with her Hunger Games director and all the freshly turned 18 year olds blindly go to the cinema without even watching the trailer. Are they in for a shock. The cinema chain I watched this at gave out a free audiobook on audible worth 22.99 quid. Since I checked time on my phone three times while watching the film, there is no way I will be spending another minute with this story. No film this boring should ever last full 2 hours.


kill for me i feel pretty girlflu

Kill For Me

It’s hard to make it till the end, but there’s a surprise there waiting for you.


I Feel Pretty

I really believed the critics who said this was offensive to overweight people, and hesitated whether I should support this film and check it out, but it was alright. Also, how cute was Michelle Williams in this!


Girl Flu

I expected it to be better, but the mother annoyed me too much.