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Netflix’s ‘Soundtrack’ starring Madeleine Stowe has been cancelled and The Good Place has ended. 2019 brought a lot of interesting miniseries, so I think it’s safe to say I won’t have 50 series to follow this year. Shameless is now officially on a break until next year when It comes back for 11th and final season. It’s an excellent show and I will miss it dearly. It’s my third favourite show that’s still on air and 2021 will be sad without it. American Horror Story has officially been renewed for 3 more seasons and I just really hope Sarah Paulson comes back for good. When Calls the Heart and One Day at A Time return later this month. A few shows including American Horror Story won’t be back till September. 911 and How To Get Away With Murder won’t be back until April. I still haven’t caught up on This is Us, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Riverdale, Killing Eve, Absentia and The Good Fight. I’m also excited to see Netflix’s version of Snowpiercer. Killing Eve has been renewed for season 4, but I still haven’t fully caught up on season 2.

Shows I’ll follow this midseason or summertime:

Law and Order SVU
Fuller House
How To Get Away with Murder
Carol’s Second Act
Modern Family
The Goldbergs
Station 19
This is Us
The Resident
13 Reasons Why
Good Girls
The Simpsons
Killing Eve
The Good Fight
Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
The Handmaid’s Tale
One Day at a Time
F For Family
Dead To Me
The Society

SVU 21.12

Three coppers shoot themselves in this episode including one we know very well. Olivia’s old friend from academy is the first one. Benson and the team later find out she was raped on the job by someone from her old team, VICE. Olivia’s old shrink comes back to treat the entire department and is also a witness to the second copper’s death. We learn that Tucker, Olivia’s ex and Elliot’s least favourite person, has cancer and that’s why he didn’t remember the first victim. We learn Olivia regrets leaving him and clearly still loves him. Tucker recently got married and decides not to be a burden on his new wife. This leaves Olivia devastated.

You just did something you never did when we were dating.
You lied to my face.
She accused your partner.
Her career would have been ruined.
It was ruined anyway. She fell apart.
It sounds like she was slut shamed into keeping her mouth shut.
My old sergeant, he killed himself. Two hours after we talked to him.
Why didn’t he get the help he needed.
You heard his final words.
Ed, are you saying you covered up a rape to protect your friend?
No, I would never. He told me he had an affair with Rachel, and when he broke it off she cried rape and I stupidly believed him.
I’m sorry for the way I ended things.
What I wish I had and what I wish we had is more time.
We’ll always have Paris. You know, I’ve always wanted to say that.
He took his life with his old 38. I just don’t know what to do with that.
There’s nothing you can do with it, it just is.
He had brain cancer.
It’s suffering Liv, it’s not how we want to be remembered.
I know, I know. It’s just a lot of rain in one place.


SVU 21.13

Cat’s been taking boxing lessons and suspects one of fellow boxers is getting abused by the trainer.

Telling your story isn’t weak. And whatever happened to you doesn’t define you.
He gets stuffed, doesn’t he?
That’s all men actually.
Maybe you got too close.
Jesus. That’s what whispered when he crawled into my bed.
Your father?
At night I heard his footsteps and that’s how I knew he was coming for me. He’d get under my covers, move on top of me, hold me down.
I should have protected her.
Like you should have protected your sister? Your father got to her too?
I raised you alone, I had needs.



Greys 16.10

Teddy and Owen, my second favourite pairing after Calzona, are engaged! Amelia is not going to tell Link that the little boy she’s carrying could be Owen’s! Owen and Jackson learn that Korasik is actually a sensitive guy. Maggie is getting sued by her long lost family for not being able to save her cousin’s life. I’m not a fa of how they chose to have Helm profess her love to Meredith, this could have been amazing, and it’s a cringy disaster. I’m glad they haven’t killed Helm off, because we’ll all gladly follow her storyline. So far all we know about her is that she’s gay and has a major crush on Meredith.


Greys 16.11

Why do US doctors call the ER the pit? I would certainly like to know that just as much as the new Irish doctor. Amelia finally tells Link the baby may not be his. Teddy loses the engagement ring she got from Owen last week, and as we later learn, Leo swallowed it. Korascik is slowly becoming one of my favourite characters. Catherine wants to separate from Richard.

Are you calling the ER, the pit? Why?
I don’t know.
I honestly worry for your entire genre sometimes.
What was the doctors name?
Dr Yang.
Let’s talk about it after you’ve had something to eat.
When someone shows you who they are, you’re supposed to believe them.


Greys 16.12

Schmidt visits his dying uncle and when he comes out to him, the uncle dies. Catherine and Richard host an Anniversary party and when they’re about to tell Maggie and Jackson about the separation, firefighters show up. Peter Strauss from Rich Man, Poor Man guest stars as Levy Schmidt’s uncle’s boyfriend. Schmidt moves out of his mom basement, because she didn’t tell anyone in their family he’s gay. Richard and Karev offer Maggie a job and she accepts it whereas Catherine is thinking of buying Karev’s hospital.

I killed him. I killed him with my gayness.
When you started ‘rolling around together’.
Apologies don’t have the word ‘but’ in them.
I would have married him, I would have, but I didn’t know how to live with someone who didn’t love himself.
He was ashamed of himself, every day.
You have the freedom that he never gave himself.
We’re separating.
How long has this been going on for?
Who cares?!
You’re super Jewish now?
Now, but I am super gay, and you telling me that you accept me, yet refusing to tell any member of our family, that’snot accepting me. That’s not being proud of me and I can’t do it anymore. I won’t.
I’m not going to wait until I’m at an old age home with croshade blankets surrounded by people who never got to love me the way I deserved.
I’m moving out.


Station 19 3.01

Every time there is another catastrophe on Greys, there’s gonna be a Greys/Station 19 crossover. Helm, the gay intern, who’s in love with Meredith is injured. It’s sad that due to the Meredith going to jail storyline, no one from Greys threw Bailey a baby shower, whereas Station 19 characters did? They break into the house of two of the victims to feed their dog. Herrera tells his daughter Andrea off for sleeping around with co-workers.


Station 19 3.02

Andy finds a neighbour after she’s accidentally slit her wrist on a wine glass. Meanwhile the team are called into a clothing store. Customers make sure to steal clothes before evacuating. A teenager is scared of shootings. Herrera now runs an ambulance service? They showed us Warren’s past. Warren goes into fire without his helmet. Ben goes to visit a friend who was put on life support after Ben dared him to do something stupid. Ben comes to a realisation that him changing his careers, first being an anaesthesiologist, then a surgeon, and now a fire fighter were all his ways to try and save his friend. He also says he wanted to name his child Danny after his friend, but now that Miranda’s miscarried and they’re both in their late 40s, that’s probably not going to happen. Ryan tells Andy he’s still in love with her. Ben convinces his boss to create a physician response team, and he wants to become a field surgeon, surgeon first on the scene. A little boy finds his mom’s gun and shoots Ryan.

He looks like a sex offender.
Cop, not sex offender.
You’re the surgeon.
I am, I was.
Can I move in with you when I get fired?
I just called him a sex offender.
Shots fired.
It’s fireworks.
Officer, I want to report my husband for criminal stupidity.
Please don’t shoot me.
I see shootings on the news every day. And at school the lockdown drills, lock the doors, lights out, stay quiet. I always knew I would be in one of these eventually. I knew it, my brother always told me it’s statistically unlikely, but I know. I don’t even go to the movies anymore. Every time I go to the grocery store, I check for all the exits, I didn’t even want to come here to try on this suit, but my sister is getting married, so I had to get a suit. No I guess If I die, they’ll bury me in this suit.
Bishop’s kinda got a stick up her fine ass.
Bishop’s a lieutenant, watch your mouth.
The news you watch every day is designed to terrify you, because if it terrifies you, you drink more, you smoke more, you take more prescription drugs, and that financially benefits the same people who program the news. And yes, there are bad people with crazy amount of guns, but there are good people too. Kind people, people who fight for justice, and take care of your neighbours, and build houses, plant trees and ignore the few angry, or rise above it. So don’t waste your energy worrying you’re gonna get shot, use it to fight for the world you wanna be a part of. Use all that energy to make your fully functional legs, lift you up out of this pee stained suit and march to the world you wanna live in.
You should run for office or something.
I like my job.
I am surgeon who’s also a first responder.


Station 3.03

I am shocked they actually killed Ryan. He and Andrea were end game. Maya is promoted to Captain over Herrera. Herrera Senior was the one who asked Ryan to join Andy in Seattle as he’s worried he only has a year or so left to live. Greys cast guest stars including Korasik, Avery and Schmidt’s boyfriend.


Carol’s Second Act 1.13

Lexie stays at Carol’s after a gas leak at her apartment. They finally showed us Carol’s house and it’s nothing like Patricia’s The Middle and Everybody Loves Raymond houses. I liked the other ones much more. Carol realises her neighbour has a crush on her and she hasn’t seen it because after 22 years of marriage she is still wearing marriage glasses. Kyle McLachlan’s character complemented Frankie, yet It’s not clear whether they’ll be together or not, but then again, why else would Kyle agree to do this little show? My family and I are re-watching Desperate Housewives, we’re in the middle of season 2 and I just cannot wait for Orson to show up in three or four episodes. Patricia Heaton has just announced she’s written another book, this one will be called The Second Act and just like with her cook book, I’ll purchase it.

What should we do first, binge a TV show?
Carol with her hair down.
He wants to get into your gutters.
Welcome to Carol’s Great Opening!
I want to tell the whole world that I love you! I planted that lemon tree just for you.
Just FYI I would have been home in like 45 minutes.
I’d prefer if the grey-haired doctor did everything from now on.
Last night he chopped down the lemon tree.


Carol’s Second Act 1.14

Carol has noticed the group is starting to grow apart. Lexie didn’t tell anyone she’s a stand up comedian and (I almost typed Frankie instead of Carol, haha – I miss the Hecks). Carol gets everyone to turn up by telling them they’re the core of the group. Lexie jokes about Jen and Daniel dating which infuriates Carol.

Because you’ll the elder?
Because I’m the core.
Last time I was at a comedy club, I was still with your dad. The joke’s on me.
I keep thinking about how easy it would be to kidnap him.
There’s this old doctor, Carol.
I actually went on a date with them.
This is how I would react. Are you kidding me?!


Schooled 2.13

The episode revolves around Titanic and Lanie and CB argue about what anyone that’s seen the film argues about, that there was more than enough room for both Rose and Jack on that door. Lanie sees Titanic 30 times and how have I not realised Karan Bran from Jessie has joined the cast? Wilma confronts CB about his love of Lanie and Lanie finally realises she’s the girl CB is in love with.

Oh my God, I’m the girl. I’m the girl!


The Goldbergs 7.13

Adam watches the Oscars and later doubts himself when he learns the other Adam Goldberg didn’t make it in Hollywood.

As an aspiring filmmaker…
In that moment, my mom did something I never could have imagined. She gave me a highlight reel of every movie I’ve ever made. Maybe they weren’t all award winners. But thanks to her, I realised making movies wasn’t about succeeding in Hollywood, it was about creating something special with the people I loved and If I could do that for the rest of my life, I’d be living the dream.
These movies remind me that you are joyful and creative and one of a kind. And if you never give up, I just know you’re gonna make it.


The Simpsons 31.12

Pirates of the Caribbean theme won me over.

What’s an algorythm?
Like when you buy a new garbage can online, amd for the rest f your life you see adds for garbage cans.