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Congrats to SVU on being renewed for seasons 22, 23 and 24! For the longest time TV shows were what kept me alive, and even though I’m in a better headspace now, I still think like that sometimes. Just quickly wanted to say thank you to Greys and SVU for giving me a reason to keep going for the last 12 years. No matter what life throws at me, how lonely or angry I am, no matter how much I hate myself for being different or how much I overthink everything, they’re always there for me and I truly hope it stays that way for many, many years.

I keep stuggling for time this year, because everyone at work seems to be getting suspended and as a result I’m asked to come in on my days off. It looks like it will stay this way until May, so I’ve decided to leave some shows until summer, and only watch the ones I either really love, are directly connected to a show I love or are a twenty minute comedy that I can easily watch after a tiring day of work without having to focus on the storyline too much.

Shows I’ll Keep Watching:

Grey’s Anatomy
Station 19
Carol’s Second Act
The Goldbergs
Modern Family

Shows I’m Putting off until Summer:

How To Get Away with Murder
This is Us
Good Girls
The Resident
The Simpsons

If I do find time to catch up I may do so, especially with Rverdale, since it’s one click away, on Netflix.

Now, onto my notes.

Greys 16.13

A young girl is accidentally outed to her mom by her aunt. The below quote makes it one of the best episodes this season. Just read it.

Taylor Olson is a girl. My sister thinks Taylor is a boy, but my daughter Maddie was kissing a girl at school. Which means that my sister basically just outed my daughter and she doesn’t even know it. Maddie must be furious and confused and I don’t know, happy? In love? Definitely in need of her cool, supportive mom and not her uptight aunt who never wanted to be a parent.


Greys Anatomy 16.14

Deluca obsesses about a case he’s working on, just like his father did before his diagnosis. Meredith and Karina are concerned. Weakest episode in a while.

For an only child, you’re an excellent sister.
We’re all a little manic when we’re in love.
How do you tell a healthy obsession from mania?


Modern Family 11.14         

Mitch and Cam are adopting again!

An old lady walking her poodle trips and gets dragged through a rose bush and these two burst out laughing.
I want to stress that I’m adopted.
Dad left the closet scene in the 80s.
So did I.
They sound like weirdos. No sale.


Station 19 3.04

Of course they thought chubby Helm wasn’t hot enough for Karina. I do ship Maya and Karina. It’s official, now you really do need to watch Station 19 before Greys. Through various flashbacks, we learn about Maya’s past. They show us her life in high school and her first crush. As a teenager Maya didn’t have a favourite band or a TV show, or a celebrity crush, but had a real-life crush and the crush liked her back.  The team go camping and run into a bear.  Maya lost a race because she stopped to help her girlfriend. Her father, disowns her for losing the race. When the bear rips someone’s nose from their face, Older Herrera tells Maya to run with it to catch up with Avery.

Baby bear means.
Momma bear.
We’re here, we’re human, we’re big.
Stay calm, identify yourself, get big. Dad, you taught me that.
Go Maya!
You quit art, you’ll finish first.
Because if you don’t excel, you’re just a deletant, which is a fancy word for loser.
I’m sorry I called you a slut.
I don’t just miss Ryan, I feel like a part of me is lost.


Carol’s Second Act 1.16

Carol is in love with the new doctor that looks a lot like Patricia’s real life husband.


Schooled 2.15

One of the kid’s is goth. Lanie finds her notebook and learns the girl is not on good terms with her mom. The principal writes awful poetry. Lanie related to the girl, because her mother walked out on her when she was a teenager.

What the fuck was that?
That explains why she looks like Lily Munster.
I want every man in the world to love you.
The point is that was ten years ago and those people are still my friends and all because I went out and connected with other people.
The fuck is that.
Nice suit.
It’s my grandpa’s . He died in it.
Turns out I have some really pushy friends that I’m very lucky to have.
We’re lucky too.
Please come back, Burt Reynolds’s mustache.


The Goldbergs 7.15

Bev gets crazy after her cookbook gets published.


When Call the Heart 7.01

What year are we on now? Rosemary mentioned seeing a new Chaplin film.

And I hear this Chaplin fella is doing quite well these days.