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Schooled 2.19

CB becomes the principal for a few days and nurse Julie tells Rick she wants to quit being the school nurse and go back to working in the hospital.

Relax, Miss America, it’s a couple of days.


Schooled 2.20

Schooled is officially a better show than The Goldbergs. After seven seasons of The Goldbergs, there’s nothing new to see there. Schooled, in its second season, still feels fresh. After I typed fresh here, I headed over to Rotten Tomatoes to check if it’s certified ‘fresh’ on there too, and it’s currently at 73%, which is pretty fresh. Unfortunately, the Goldbergs have not been rated by the critcs. I loved The Goldbergs in the first 3 or 4 seasons, when all three of the kids were in school. The last three seasons rarely ever entertained me. I really think ABC is going to renew all of their shows seeing how most of the shows had to be cut short this year because of the pandemic. Speaking of cancellations, apparently Light as a Feather has been cancelled, and that comes as no surprise. If all episodes didn’t come out on the same day, I wouldn’t be actively following it week by week. In this episode, Wilma was voted coolest teacher and tried to help save a quiet girl from getting voted most quiet. As someone who has been called quiet, and someone who has actually gone silent for a year, just like the main character in Laurie Halse Anderson’s book (and film), ‘Speak’, I know ‘quietness’ is not something to joke about. To this day, without knowing anything about me, people comment on my quietness, which they mostly attribute to me being shy. Even though I’ve worked through it and I’m back to expressing my thoughts and emotions, I’ve always been an introvert, which means, no matter how much work I’ll put into being assertive, some conversations take a lot out of me. Anyway, I get this red headed girl, who Wilma chose to save from humiliation.

I’m not a child, I rollerbladed there.
I’ve done my part. In high school I recycled the same essay 6 times.
You left your car running in the car park again.
A car says a lot about a man and yours says ‘I’m 14.’
New vegan restaurant.
You were a lot cooler before you won best teacher.
Most likely to speak up and change the world.
Most artistic.
I don’t think any of that stuff is weird at all.
You all have something that makes you one of a kind and today we’re going to celebrate that.
Sometimes it takes a new friend to help you realise you’re fine just the way you are. So don’t ever compare yourself to others, because the truth is, we’re all special and unique. You just have to let your true self shine through.
Volcano. Twister, Armagedon, Independence Day, The Sixth’s Sense.


The Goldbergs 7.20

It was a bad episode, but the quote below is everything.

At least I have you, TV.


The Goldbergs 7.21

Beverly wants to set Bill up on a date, but Leslie Grossman beats her to it. Murray tries to sabotage Bill’s new relationship, because he’s scared of losing his best friend.

I just didn’t want him to get hurt again.
You’re my friend. My one friend. We spend every Sunday watching TV at my house and the thought of that not happening…
I mean, you are two of my favorite people.


One Day at a Time 4.04

Penelope finds a pregnancy test that just happens to be positive and since Elena is gay, it can only be her 14 year old son’s girlfriend’s test.

Maybe she fell of the wagon.
No, she really loves that wagon.
No sex.
How many times do you want me to come out?
Excuse me, I think the Virgin Mary would clap back.


One Day at a Time 4.05

Alex wants to become a fashion designer and Penelope gives him a speech on how he shouldn’t give up on something he loves, but is bad at as, with enough practice he’ll get good at it.

I think you put the mental in environmental.
You can’t be afraid to fail. It’s okay to be bad at some things. Dare to suck! That’s the first step to getting good. If you love the fashion thing, you have to keep going back. And not be afraid to be bad at it for a while. Because you’ll get better. We’re all learning. It’s a process.
You think a sign is gonna stop me? I’m parked in the loading zone right now.


The Simpsons 31.18

Maggie is in love and Smithers threatens Homer into getting his new friend to sign over his new business to him.

Employee of the month.
No need to pretend we’re inbred hicks.
Perhaps it takes an idiot to catch an idiot.
Can I get a little help I dropped my sandwich in here (suggestion box).
As you fill out your sexual history.
Only Homer.