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Greys 17.20

Richard is 65? Koracick introduced himself to everyone like they don’t know him. Our characters are trying to figure out what’s wrong with Richard. Helm likes hummus. Koracick’s wife brings her son for Korasik to operate. The problem is, the son looks exactly like his son that died. Amelia thinks she’s in labour and Koracick has to operate. Richard calls Meredith Ellis, and everyone but Meredith thinks he’s got Alzheimers. Richard almost cut himself open.

65 year old man.
Korasick, neurosurgeon.
Catherine was with me at the conference.
Hummus. No, Brie.
These doctors broke my wife.
Karina’s on a holiday.
Richard, hand me that scalpel.
You’ve taken away far more pain than you caused.
Adele will kill me.
Seattle Grace.
There are moments in my life I would like to live through again.


911 3.14

911 dispository is held hostage by a group that wants to steal works of art in one of the best episodes this show has seen.


How To Get Away With Murder 6.10

No, just please believe me.
Asher’s dead.
They’ve arrested Connor and Michaela.
Asher was killed last night.
They’re all murderers.
Protect us equally or there’s no deal.
I made sure we got the same deal.
Michaela gets the same protection I do even if she doesn’t sign.
Brilliant minds.
Frank, was that you?
No way, I’m not that stupid.


How To Get Away With Murder 6.11

Annalise comes out to her mom.

That Bonnie and Clyde team are shady.
How about that lesbian friend that you went to school with?
Her name is Eve. And we were more than just friends.
Be honest, are you a lesbian?
I don’t know.
How do you not know? You either like ladies or you don’t.
Maybe those men were just me running away from being different.
Did you love her, Anna Mae? Eve?
I did. And she loved me. I was just scared.
The little bitches turned.
I came back for you, Bonnie. I went to your apartment to tell you.
Asher was the informant.
It wasn’t me.
Was little Anna Mae a fire starter?
Who gave the FBI the article?
That S.O.B.
That baby you’re trying to get, it’s you.
I’m just trying to do what I wish someone had done for me.
Lauren Castillo.
Go disappear.
We’re saying no, because it’s always been the 3 of us.
They better get ready because we’re gonna burn every one last of those motherfuckers down.
You’ve all lost who you are. I can say that because it happened to me too. We all hot caught up in something much bigger than us. But you all still have good in you.
I know who killed Asher.
Agent Pollock.
I know whi killed Asher. It was the FBI.


How to Get Away with Murder 6.12

To make this a capital murder case and pursue the death penalty against Ms Keating.
No more secret inner circle crap.
You. The two smartest almost lawyers I know.
You don’t seem to bothered with your romantic interest.
You expect me to believe you’re not into Annalise?
Who you have a thing for.
The death penalty is officialy off the table.
So you don’t know about Sam and Hannah?
The purpose and the best that’s happened to me in the last few years.


911 Lone Star 1.09

Katherine’s daughter Dylan from Desperate Housewives plays Liv Tyler’s little sister? She also suffers from schizophrenia, and to everyone’s surprise, is actually alive. I didn’t know Liv Tyler sings? Obviously she’s Stephen Tyler’s daughter, but never expected her to sing? Rob Lowe’s son is shot by a kid.

You saved my son’s life.
That boy is a survivor, like his dad.


The Resident 3.19

Connor Paolo, Emily Van De Camp’s Revenge co-star is in this episode. The Resident has a pandemic while we’re going through real life pandemic. It took them 3 episode to realise the respirator hasn’t been cleaned.

Conrad and I will be your support system.