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I’ve finally caught up on HTGAWM and here’s part 1 of my notes. What I like the most about this season is that Annalise finally comes to terms with her sexuality and questions whether she really is bi or maybe she’s gay, but was to afraid of being stigmatised. She also admits she should have stayed with Eve and only pursued her ex husband because she was afraid to be gay.

How To Get Away with Murder 6.05

This season is so much better than the previous two, because Laurel isn’t here. No one cares about her and her father’s mafia. She doesn’t return until episode 14 and I’m thankful for that.

I did some shots before coming here out of respect for your sobriety.
Do you know how much I admire you?
I was afraid to be gay.
I should have stayed with Eve. I loved her. But I wanted to be normal. I wanted to be accepted.
You know who’s not an bastard? Asher.
Why’d you choose Sam over Eve?
Because he looked like a version of life I dreamed about my whole childhood.
I don’t love you anymore.
He was saying Laurel to you becuase you helped her disappear.
I love you, Bonnie. I love you so much.
That account has over 200 000 in it.
Salomon, it’s time to pay up.


How To Get Away with Murder 6.06

Bonnie tells Connor about her childhood abuse.

He wrote you a blank check too?
I was scared, I never spoke in class.
You quit us.
Why was I picked for the K5?
Annalise didn’t pick you, I did.
Frank chose Laurel, I chose you.
You wrote about getting a gay conversion camp shut down when you were an undergrad. I’m an abuse survivor, Connor, when I was a kid. So to know that you stood up for those kids when no one else would. I wanted to know you.
I’m sorry that happened to you.
That was a long time ago.
So was me being a guy who helped people. It’s like he died with Sam. I think I was hoping whatever reason I got picked would explain why I am this way.
You’re not a bad guy, Connor.
I’m just tired.
We all are. Nothing good comes from hating yourself.
You deserve a lot more good then what you’ve had.
So do you.
If you’d been through what we’ve been through, you’d learn to fight too. Otherwise, you’re dead before you even died.
I’m the most powerful I’ve ever been.
Tell everyone to destroy their phones.
I was all alone. You want to talk about depressed. I thought about killing myself.
Maybe it’s time to go to Oregon.
Please don’t ever show up in my life again.
They’re not my family, you are.
I’ll never leave you, Michaela, Even if we don’t end up together, I wanna be there for you for the rest of your life. I’m still in love with you Michaela. I always will be.
He’s not the one Michaela, It’s me.


How to Get Away With Murder 6.07

I think this is my AirBnB.
It’s just some idiot.
But there is Parkland, Sandy Hook, whenever it happens next.
It’s scary to be a teacher in America today.
It’s scary to be a student.
The love of my life… Bonnie.
I know more than you’ll ever understand the self hatred of being in this closet.
The hate because of what he knew about me. The thing that I’ve most hated about myself.
I know that she deserved better than you.
You are not ready for this.
When you’re not alone, don’t you miss being touched.
Not all touch is welcome.
You tried to kill yourself in the garage because of this.
Who’s Bonnie Winterbottom?
He’s the one who chopped up the body.
I did it. It was me. I’m the murderer, arrest Me!


How To Get Away with Murder 6.08

Did Annalise fake her own death? Someone cuts Bonnie’s breaks and she ends up in a hospital.

Conspiring to murder.
They are the dwarfs.
Found all of your admissions essays.
I lost my entire family in a plane crash.
Annalise,  my breaks aren’t working!
The dwarfs have blood on their hands. They should pay the price.
The queen did it.
Oh my, there’s no body!
She faked her death and framed Snow White.
Who ordered you to kill that man?


How To Get Away with Murder 6.09

Wes is alive?! We learn who’s the mole. And another main character died? I ship Annalise and Tegan.

I hate all these people.
We’re smarter, it’s not fair that they took all the jobs that we deserve.
I teach so that some of you will make sure that the justice system lives up to its name.
She’s gay.
Are you two?
Married and thinking of buying a camper? Very much so.
Operation Bonfire.
I used to live here.
I should have left a long time ago.
It’s obvious who this is, Laurel.
No matter what happens, I’ll die loving you.
When you go down, I hope I’m the one to see it.
It was Tegan.
Tell us the truth, is it you?
Why did you do that?
You chose yourself.
I chose my mom and Chloe. I had to.
We weren’t these people when we got to law school.
They don’t want the dwarfs, they want the queen.
We were manipulated by our professor. Law students bran washed by an evil genius.
Safe yourself. You know that’s what she would do.
You’re both under arrest for murder.
Who died?
Asher Milstone.