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Thank you all for saying you like longer reviews, no worries, that’s what I’m here for. A friend asked me this week why was Lost called Lost not Stranded, and I may have my suspicion, but Stranded, longer in name and harder to pronounce does seem like a better fit. Why isn’t Lost on Netflix though? I miss it every day. Speaking of Netflix, lots of Disney and Pixar films expire this week, 76 titles in the UK. Even though some of them were added a couple of days ago like Heavyweights, look into it and choose your titles, I will definitely be watching a few for example the original The Parent Trap.

Greys 12.20

A gun control episode. Two young boys play with a gun one’s mother kept in her house. When it comes to our beloved characters…Why is Callie being so stupid? Why is she changing her life for someone she’s been dating for 6 months? I know the timeframe is a little off, because of Meredith’s leave.p How dare she ask Karev to support her in the custody battle when Arizona is Alex’s menthor and best friend? It looks like Meredith will stand with Callie which really upsets me. Let’s see. Arizona: Richard, April, Alex, Bailey? I think Bailey, cause she did not like Callie’s decision to leave Grey Sloan (I just wrote Seattle Grace, hah miss those days) Callie: Meredith, and I’m guessing… Avery, Owen and the residents? I know that Callie is Sophia’s biological mother, but I really hope Arizona wins.

I just sent something really dirty to Meredith Grey.
You’re a very classy lady.
Oh yeah I got it good.
I wouldn’t, I’m classy, remember?
Family messes you up.
It’s better than lonely and crazy like me.
Or having sex with your phone in resident lounge.
You’re giving up your career to chase tail-girl.
I lived in my car when I was 16.


The Middle 7.20

A great episode, even though Sue wasn’t her joyful self, Sue and Frankie were arguing and Frankie and Mike got drunk. I know how Sue feels, hell, I was a vegan for 4 years and I’ve been a vegetarian for 8 years. I know how it feels to want to save the world. But now I understand that me not eating cheese will not save the world and I must not make my life harder because of my beliefs. I’m happy being a vegetarian, and ex vegan. I still don’t eat eggs, as I find it inhuman. It’s not my battle. You win some, you lose some, but pick a reasonable goal. I realized, after 4 years of being vegan, that what pushed me even further was everyone being impressed with my will power. Sure some people were calling me stupid, but most of them were cheering me on and being interested in how I’m doing. But when I went to college, I realized it doesn’t matter, and no one really cares anyway. When it comes to health, let me tell you, yes, I was feeling so much better than now. I was much thinner too. And honestly If I wasn’t such sucker for cheese, I would still be a vegan. Now back to the show I only started watching last December, but fell in love completely. Frankie never fails to be just like us, in this episode getting a snickers bar at Home Depot, I may have done that at Ikea, so you know. I hope Brick marries Cindy, cause they’re just equally weird and I think their marriage would work. This episode Brick gets overboard when he gets an email from an online store asking for his opinion. He spends the whole afternoon writing a review. It’s just like me and this blog, but I genuinely love it. I love the Hecks, and honestly they are just like my family, but not ever vacuuming is just gross. Who else loved that Christmas Carol reference? This show literally makes me reconsider not wanting to have kids and not wanting to work in a primary school. Not Full House, not Parenthood, not other show ever did this to me, but The Middle. It seems like it’s lovely to have someone depend on you and it’s good to be surrounded by someone who is still hopeful. I know three people who became primary school teachers, and honestly I always thought working with kids would be annoying, and I always laughed at teachers for being stuck at school, while kids move on, but I don’t know anymore. I would be good as a school counselor or school psychologist. Not in high school though, cause in high school everyone hates the counselor. I may reconsider this as plan Z or something.

What? I was just at Home Depot getting a snickers bar.
Marry Cindy, I mean it.
Do you ever vacuum?
Do you?
You just need to kick back, relax and enjoy a movie with too many white people in it.
I want my Sue back, happy Sue, sweet Sue.
I’m your ghost of future Christmas.
I gave this paper 9 stars for quality!?
Stranger danger!
I wiped his butt until he was 6. He couldn’t get it at all.
I was happy when I was driving everybody. Those three idiots in the back. I knew everything was okay, cause I was driving and I had it. I had everybody.
I’m just gonna end up like you anyway.


Bates Motel 4.03

Norma and Ramero finally got married! Of course Norman just got Norma in trouble and gave them a reason to suspect there’s people gone missing.

I’m an easy roommate, I work a lot.
Oh my God, someone married you?
She’s the most wonderful person in the world.
That people have died.
I have a reason to believe my mother is insane and is killing people.


Bates Motel 4.04

Oh great, now Norman is pretending to be a bulimic, a little too much Bates writers? Should they be downgrading eating disorders like this? Norman treating the orderly guy like a moron is probably the highlight of the episode, this and Norma smiling at Ramero. Norma made out with a stripper, who knows why was this a thing?

You obviously have no idea what is going on in this place.
Okay, thank you, well done, but no, bad idea.
I’m gonna tell about my feelings in group.
My mother, did she kill anybody?
Like we finally saw each other one day.


Bates Motel 4.05

Weakest episode of the season, but we’re finally talking about Norma’s relationship with her brother. Everyone go watch the Season 4 Catch Up Special, it’s 18 minutes long, very well detailed and absolutely amazing! It has many great scenes, like Norma’s rape in the pilot, Dylan finding out Norma’s brother is his dad and many more! It’s definitely the best Catch Up special out there.

Your brother, that explains everything.
You said that Caleb was your brother, when Caleb introduced himself as Dylan’s father.
Because you slept with your brother or are you ashamed because he raped you? Or are you ashamed, cause you loved him?


Bates Motel 4.06

Episode of the season, and one of 5 best Bates episodes and we finally learn the truth about Norma’s relationship with her brother! And on top off all that, it’s confirmed that Norman’s father raped Norma when she wasn’t ‘behaving’ or he was drunk, and during at least one of these occasions, Norman was in the room witnessing the rape. This episode was absolutely painful, but beautiful and Norma’s monologue at the end was outstanding!

Actually, she’s charming.
You can’t share with the people you love that you had sex with your brother.
You’re like genuinely sweet.
Fine, I slept with my brother.
Do you think it was your fault?
How much older was he than you?
Four years.
If that information came out, that you had a son with your brother?
He wasn’t nice to Norma, or me or you.
I don’t want him to remember those things.
You never know what you’re capable of until you test it.
Break the woman in half? I am not broken. I am still standing. So go ahead, do your best.
When I was a teenager – it was a long time ago – um… I slept with my brother. I’m sorry. God, I’m sorry to have to tell you this. Oh, it’s horrible. I’m sorry. He’s Dylan’s father. Norma, you were young. It was a mistake. Mistake? It was not a mistake. It was a way of life. It happened for years. I loved him. Our home life was a torture, and we were all we had. I finally tried to stop it, and he got really upset and he raped me. You know how horrible it is to be raped by someone you love? And I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. But I don’t hate him enough to hurt him. And it’s a mess because I don’t know if part of why I hate Caleb so much is because I hate myself. So now you know who you’re married to. And I should have told you before, but I’ve never loved anyone enough to feel obligated to be honest with them. And… it sucks. It sucks because I can’t hide. And I want to, but I can’t. And Chick found out. He met Caleb when he was up at the farm working with Dylan. He just figured it out. And he has issues with my brother, and he was trying to find him, and he hold me that if I didn’t help him that he would tell you all of this, that he would spread it around town, and that he would humiliate you. So – I don’t know. Just go pack your bag.
Where are we going?


Nashville 4.16

Maddie is clearly out of control. When they singed the Stella sisters, I thought yes finally they’ll get extra singing time. Now Maddie is all deva like and Daphne is never singing anymore. I completely forgot Rayna and Juliette were both under 16 when they left home to pursue they careers. Do they remember they may get cancelled next month? We’re all happy we’ll get more Juliette songs as well, as she’s joined Luke’s tour with Lyla and Avery! Not the best episode.

And if you’d seen the song she was playing.
But without the voice, they’re just songs.
Somebody’s moving forward with their career.
Singing half dressed. Some guy grabbed her leg.
I could write a book.
I know what it is like to be a 16 year old girl and have a fight with her father and leave the house forever.
I don’t think there was anything to contain us at 16.
Miss Juliette Barnes!