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Castle was cancelled, at least they won’t have to kill Beckett off.

Nashville was cancelled too, after escaping death the last three years.

Grandfathered was cancelled.

The Family was cancelled after just one season! I know ratings were bad, but the show itself isn’t.

And The Catch was surprisingly renewed.

I’ve lost especially lot shows this year. It started with Downton Abbey, then The Good Wife, then it was announced Bones is ending next year, then Switched at Birth and now all these.

Reviews of this year’s seasons will be posted with my ratings the minute all the shows go on hiatus.

I’m picking out new shows to watch over summer. Sure I’m excited for Scream, but other than that there’s only Pretty Little Liars. Since you know, Orange is the New Black is a one day thing. I haven’t seen Grace and Frankie yet and I’m trying to figure out which shows to start this summer. I’m thinking Weeds, Awkward, The Goldbergs and catching up on Ray Donovan. I definitely want a few more as that’s the only way I can survive work. I tried watching Buffy, but I just wasn’t interested like the other 5 times I started watching it. Episode 2 and I was already unimpressed. I will probably watch something from Netflix, Rake, Miss Fishers Mysteries and we’ll see what else. I wanted to give Everwood a try but it was just as boring as Summerland. I will probably catch up on 90210, I stopped watching after season 3. I’m afraid I won’t find a new show and I’ll be stuck rewatching the 75 shows I’ve followed over the years.

Speaking of shows I’m not watching, I watched that episode of CSI:Cyber that had Spencer Locke in it and it was quite good. Spencer is the only ex-teen actress who’s career I’ve been following since Resident Evil 3 circa 2007, from project to project (she was amazing in Landmine Goes Click, a great rape-revenge horror). I gave the episode 8.5/10, but it did not convince me to start watching the show, it was just cancelled too.

Castle 8.18

I am starting with Castle this week, because as you saw above, it has been cancelled. This episode was actually fun. Some of them just are, as this is more of a comedy show than a crime series. It focuses around Aladin and Castle is all over Jin’s lamp. How did they even do research for this episode?

And had her beheaded so no other man can have her.
Story teller inside me.
He was a tomb rider.
He found Aladin’s lamp!
Don’t say that he wished for it.
I need to start making a wish list.
Can you make sure she gets the dibs on first rub?
Whatever clearly legal endevour you’re engaging in.
I really wish…
You did have the time to creep over to the lamp to rub the lamp, and wish upon the lamp.
Make belief time with Castle.
Your reality challenged husband.


Greys 12.21

Since when are there so many stairs? And since when is the hospital painted red? I really thought it was the court’s building, not the hospital! Shonda’s shows are always sex crazed, last episode was about Stephanie and her naughty sex life with the patient and this week everyone saw Owen’s package. I really hope Bailey doesn’t divorce Ben. Arizona is my favorite character since Meredith took Callie’s side.

Tucker had a fit.
Very PG, nothing like we saw this morning.
Did you hear about the fake leg? I’m probably not the best runner in a crisis.


Bates Motel 4.07

With my stepfather.
Have you been sleeping with him!?
Don’t embarrass yourself by lying to me.
If I’m near the person who makes me feel comfortable and whole and safe.
We’re gonna start with 3 sessions per week.
Alex please, please, please.
You brought me a big beautiful TV and I screwed it up.
Welcome home.
Thank you, mother.


Nashville 4.18

We’re saying goodbye to Nashville and this is what they show us? I know they booked Elton John for episode 4.20, but the story lines are just awful this season. Maddie is a brat, I can’t believe she got emancipated. Also little Daphne just lost a recording contract thanks to Maddie. I bet Rayna will make her wait till she’s 18 to sign her independently.

My song is on the radio! My song is on the damn radio!
Glen, tweet whatever you want from my account.
It only works cause we’re the exes.
And then you finally heard it and it doesn’t matter anymore?


The Middle 7.22

The Middle has 24 episodes this season? I’m impressed. It’s the most underrated comedy show out there, and it’s sad that so little people watch it. Season 7 was a challenge, since both Axl and Sue are out of high school, and let’s be honest there’s only so many things you can come up with to do in college. High school years were always fun, especially for Sue. But then when you think about it, Sue makes even college cool. I mean Axl’s story lines are always so boring, just what college years are for people. There’s always something happening with Sue, even though I feel like there could be even more.

Who even eats lettuce. A rabbit?
Wait we used to have a rabbit. Where’d that rabbit go?
I’m paying it forward, backward and sideway.
She said she forgot to set the DVR to record Castle.
Such a clever show.
If there’s anyone who belolngs is a country themed amusment park it’s you.
And you’ll be there with Brad.
How the hell am I failing my psych class?
You see the list? Scroll down till you get to Castle.


The Family 1.11

Only the ‘understanding a pedophile and a sex crime victim parts are good. No one cares about the election. In this episode the extremely annoying and slutty reporter found Ben’s biological mother, while Claire found out it was Ben who killed Adam.

None of this makes me a kidnapper, at most it makes me a country song.
Just enough to build your trust, so it was confusing when he crossed the line.
We both know how this is gonna end for me. It’s not in a hug.
Sex offenders registry. It’s a national database. You gotta do it yearly.
They notify your employer.
Because I watched your son too.
I know why you’ve been weird or depressed or whatever.
How do you know. That I’m gay?
I think I just came out to you.
Ben looked at the man who took my son and he let him go.
He didn’yt kill Adam. Ben did.
I’m Adam.
I’m Hank.
What was his name? Your little boy?


Grandfathered 1.21

The show started off nicely, and now it’s a mess. I am only happy that Paget and John’s characters are getting together! And I Josh Peck is hilarious, check him out on Vine.

Oh my God, he looks like Glen Close.
He would have liked my family.
One of the guests is wearing a Tshirt that says Gremlins 2 now on VHS.


When Calls the Heart 3.05

I still haven’t seen the season finale and I only finished watching 3.07 this week. This just shows how uneventful this show is.

I always thought it would be easy to be a writer.
It’s much easier to think of yourself as a writer than it is to sit down and write.
The whole world will be my stage.
Every heroine needs an annoying neighbor.
You do know that moving pictures are silent?


Scandal 5.18

I just wrote about Landmine Goes Click being a good example of rape and revenge genre. In this episode we found out Jake’s father used to molest his sister, so Jake used Ronan’s training to avenge his sister.

What kind of a bout allows his sister to be raped?


Scandal 5.19

What happened to this show this season? I want the election already, and I want Mellie to win.

You can come work for me, little Abby.


The Simpsons 27.19

What a fun episode.

In America it’s pronpunced ‘job’.
Collect at every age.
As seen in this epiosde.
The most glorious sign. ‘Toilet’.
10 000 lace to see before you’re 10.
I’d never think there’s be something I’d want to stare longer than that car wereck on the way here
You’re 180?
That’s what my blood pressure says.
I can’t stand rich people.
Billioners retreat.
Let’s think about it quietly.
Jeez Flanders. You find God in everything.
Big Maggie.


The Catch 1.01

It’s a pretty boring show, and the only reason I’m still watching is who they cast as the leads. Mireille Enos and Peter Krause. My mom always says Lauren Graham’s boyfriend is so handsome, my dad says that’s Adam and I am happy to see Linden back on my screen.

He never looks at the camera.
He doesn’t ask for anything, so you give him everything.


The Catch 1.02

She paints over the edges.
A 75 year old man. He died the day we met.


The Catch 1.03

And your credit cards seem suspiciosly new.
I won’t come looking for you becuase I already found you.


The Catch 1.04

Getting worse with each episode.

It was real and I love you.


The Catch 1.05

Ben, my name is Ben. Benjamin Jones.


The Catch 1.06


Faking It 3.07

So awful I’m glad it’s only 20 minutes long.

Pretty sure go fuck yourself means we’re done talking.


Faking It 3.08

Why am I still watching this awful show? I keep complaining about it every week and yet I still watch it.

Just pick bisexual so we can have Christmas.


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