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I have decided to post today, as I don’t normally work on Mondays, but I will tomorrow, and then I won’t be able to post on Tuesday, and Wednesday just seems too far away, and I’ll be doing season reviews by then. How did you all like The Good Wife’s finale? What about Grandfathered?

The Middle 7.21

I have never seen a show or a film showing us the process of dorm lottery, and as I have never lived in a dorm, it felt not only exciting but informative. Meanwhile Frankie fought with an oblivious new neighbor who just happened to have extremely loud little kids. True story time, let me tell you how annoying some neighbor’s kids are. I went home for two weeks this summer and half the time, including when I was packing and leaving, my neighbor’s 18 year old daughter was blasting music to the point I could hear every word while walls shook. Imagine if I was in my senior year studying for the finals. Yeah. One time I was happy I was a little older. This episode I started liking Sue’s roommate, Lexie. Also the idea of Sue being friends and roommates with Lexie for the next 3 years is very soothing. If you found your crowd on your first year and stuck with them than you’re lucky!

I want a full size cookie.
I want a full size vodka.
Those stupid neighbor kids.
Our kids? They were inside on video games all day. We were good parents.
That old bat was all up in everybody’s business.
My grandma shuffles and she loves life.
I bet she told you to return the pan. What a pain.
I did what every adult would do, I snack out at 5 in the morning.
A lot of TV is actually good.
If they don’t speak Nickelodeon, they’re in trouble!
Yummy children!
That our flat screen would go great on this wall!
This is the post hangover, pre-drunk rush.
Are you all sleepy from your chronic fatigue?


The Middle 7.23

Even when they’re average, they’re still better than most comedy shows nowadays. There’s not many couples are ship more than Brick and Cindy.

Nothing better than kids coming home from college…Get this crap out of my doorway!
Sweet, dear, innocent Brick.
She’s in a ditch!
Mom’s really cute, someone would totally wanna kill her.
I can’t believe we found each other.
I love you.
I love you two.


Nashville 4.17

Oh, I’ll miss you and your wonderful songs I used to download every week.

Viewers need to call their local radio stations and request Will’s song.
You were really nice, you welcomed me in Nashville.
Second time I met you, I knew you’d have changed my life.


The Good Wife 7.20

Funniest episode this season, mainly because of Alicia’s mom and brother. Zach want to go to France to write his memoir, even though he’s 20. Those damn Florricks, always thinking they’re better than everyone. Clarissa will go to law school and Jackie tells Alicia they’re exactly same.

I’ve been thinking about writing.
What are you gonna write?
A memoir.
Drinking, I see?
So why law school?
It was gonna be our O.J.
And you still have a job?
Tell me why I should be a lawyer in three words or less.
You’re smart.
It’s his mistake. Let him make it.


Grandfathered 1.20

A year has passed since the pilot? Why the time jump? They should have saved this episode for the finale, well the happy parts.

It’s the woman Olivia Pope was based on.
That’s Kerry Washington’s character on Scandal.


Grandfathered 1.22

It ended, and badly too. Last scene of the show was Jimmy getting stood up by Sarah. They so didn’t expect it to end. Nonetheless, thank you Grandfathered, for keeping me company this year.

We’re grandparents.
1989. Very Taylor Swift.
You always return to classics.
Kept taking me to the airport.
She’s the one. She’s always been the one.
She’s the one I’m supposed to be with.


The Family 1.09

A solid show, sad to see it go. The pedophile pregnant wife may be almost as sicko as he is.

I’ll spend the rest of my life wishing he was the one who got sick down there.


When Calls The Heart 3.06

I doubt that I’ll ever be able to write anything good enough to be published.
I am tired of being tested.
Sometimes even the strongest people are so paralyzed by what happened that they’ll do anything to avoid taking the one risk that might change their lives.
Tell me you love those children as much as I do.


When Calls The Heart 3.07

To match my eyes? Something bloodshot?
That’s so dear of you to say.
Five kids?! But children are very noisy. And they come with diapers. Do you know what’s in those diapers.
The whole concept in general.
You have to pray about it?


Faking It 3.09

The show is ending and no one is surprised because of how truly bad it was this season.

We’re just a couple of friendly Aussies.
We’re just tourists from down under.
So you’re a lesbian now?
I’m sorry.
Don’t be, you saved me.