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Time for reviews. Some of the last ones this year.

Greys 12.23

Meredith finally hooked up with the kiwi boy! Unfortunately Ellen said not to get our hopes up. Which I did, the minute he was introduced. No one else would ever be this suitable to be McDreamy 2.0. This episode gave me the awkward cringy feeling that Shonda may try to get Meredith and Alex together which is awful cause they’re basically brother and sister. And she already did that with Izzie and George and we remember how well that turned out. Owen sold Derek’s trailer without asking Meredith. And now he’s marrying Amelia one episode after they got engaged. In the meantime, Jo refused to marry Alex, and I am honestly not even bothering to guess why. I never liked Jo. Meredith told Amelia to stop being so confident and cocky and copying Derek, and I don’t even think that was unnecessary. After 12 years we finally got to see the exact way from the ORs to the gallery and it was satisfying after I lost the sense of what the hospital looks like after they introduced the enormous set of stairs a few episodes back.

Now you even have his confidence. Get your own life.
You’re hot, you’re smart, you’re funny.
You’re gonna be my best man.
Then hell, I say go for it.


The Good Wife 7.19

A funny episode. I have a feeling we’ll miss this show next year. Mondays will feel a lot empty without The Good Wife.

You will not embarrass my husband.
Your honor.
Your worship.
Your worship.
Could you live in Canada?
We request asylum.
3 years.
Oh my god.


The Good Wife 7.21

Why did they destroy the whole floor at the very end of the show? Was that really necessary? Diane ruined her relationship with Kurt right before Alicia buried it completely. For a one-to-last episode it was extremely disappointing, but so was the series finale.

No I mean construction.
What construction?
They had the wrong floor.
We should expand to the 29th floor.
Kurt, I’m sorry.


Faking It 3.06

Why is everyone so sex crazed in this high school?

Stop fucking my mom.
Are you saying you would do her under different circumstances?
Hello boyfriend, you just got back from the gym?


The Family 1.08

Finally a great episode. So the girl who was sleeping with her brother on Private Practice is just as much of a psycho as her boyfriend?

We’ll check if there’s any sex offenders in the area.
There’s one.
How close?
You need a friendly neighborhood pedophile.
You would be sitting in the corner slitting your wrists.
Mom, why?
You’re my son.


The Family 1.10

How old are you?
Nice to be here.
Why is that?
The dirty inmates.
That’s when they clean the dirty.
What’s in the bag?
The rest of my life.
You’re gonna tell everyone that I id this.
He would have to admit that he had two kids down there.
There was a boy 12 years ago when we used to live.
Monsters don’t remember names. Girl scouts do.
Do you think Adam would have liked this?
We lost a child.
And you have two left.
I hang out with sexual predators and we meet on Monday evenings and swap stories and play softball.
Our lives are screwed.
I googled it. When you’re younger, you bounce back, kids are plastic.


The Family 1.12

This is exactly why you don’t watch shows at work, I missed the most important thing! And then read about it online! Spoilers ahead, do not continue if you don’t want to know how the whole series ends. I missed the part when the pedophile’s wife heard someone kicking in the shed and her finding Adam is still alive and getting him out of there! I thought they already got to Canada and she was shocked to see a shed next to the house, as she knew him kidnapping a boy would happen again. So I continue watching while working and then suddenly the pedophile lays shot in the woods, uhm what? And then at the very end Adam tells Ben he’s coming home. I missed the whole pedophile’s girlfriend/Adam alliance. The real Adam was in the shed the whole time. I am pissed. I need to watch the ending again.

I don’t care if he had an elephant.
That was Adam, I am Ben.
For 10 years he was ket there like an animal. It’s not his fault he became one.
It’s a desire that you know you shouldn’t have but you want it anyway.
That’s rape.
Wanting it doesn’t make you a monster. Taking it does.
It’s some other kid taken even before Adam was taken.
You took my life, I’m coming to get it back.


The Simpsons 27.20

Homer gave Lisa Annabelle the doll as a present. Witty and fun as the Simpsons go to France.

Chubby dude in a tiny car.
Stop speaking French.


The Simpsons 27.21

You forget most of that’s hair.
Barbara Streisand once forgot the words to a song and didn’t perform for 3 decades.
I’m kidding The Simpsons will never end.


The Catch 1.07

So Penny from Lost (‘Not Penny’s boat’) is now Alice’s therapist, that can’t end well. Still not into this show and couldn’t be more shocked that it got renewed.

Black dot means I need help but It’s dangerous to ask.
Tell her everything or you’re wasting your time.