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I finished watching American Crime Story last week, and the only exasperating thing was the fact that Marcia was raped on a trip to Israel, not Italy, but I guess Italy seemed like a safer option. Comedy Central has stopped showing Everybody Loves Raymond reruns, even though they never showed seasons 5-9, I wanted to watch the first four since I never saw it as a whole. I still have Castle to catch up with, but obviously I am postponing it as I don’t want it to end. I still have 6 episodes of Bones to watch that I’m saving for when all other shows end this week, 3 episodes of Scandal, and I haven’t even started second season of Grace and Frankie. I also hope Awkward gets renewed, even though second half of season 5 was awful, but who made them base the whole half season in summer? It would have better if they showed them in college, who cares that they’re all in different ones.

SVU 17.22

Weak first half of the finale. The previous two were absolutely perfect. Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond is still a NYPD cop, just now he rapes too. I am aware of a possible death in the finale and I’m afraid to think who could that be.

I’m gonna be a grandpa?
Cry all you want, you’re just a broke, black crack-whore.
So called victims.
Someone just threatened to kill me.


Bates Motel 4.08

I’ll always remember that you helped my mom at a time when she was so confused and vulnerable.
We as in? Is this how it’s going to be from now on?
I couldn’t breathe without you.
I understand the bond between us, the cord.


Bates Motel 4.09

I hated this episode, because I truly believed they’d bring Norma back. Gas poisoning was not how how Norma died in the Psycho franchise, so I thought she’d be okay. I thought the show would end with Norma’s death, so I wasn’t prepared as I was sure we’ll still have one more year. Dylan fought with Norma before her death and now he’ll feel guilty. I’m just hoping he’ll be back for season 6, and him and Emma were not just written off the show. I am afraid to watch the finale, as Norman is stuffing Norma’s body and I would be okay with it, if he wasn’t stuffing a character I’ve loved for the last 4 years.

Yeah, well, are you dead?
Norma, wake up!


The Middle 7.22

What a lovely season finale. I cried when Frankie said Axl was finally growing up and when Brick sang and when Frankie told Sue to have a great summer.

Axl being Axl scored the cushiest job of all time.
How about peaked in high school.
I hate drama, I mean, I love drama, but the good kind.
Who knows maybe that’s why he stopped getting taller.
All that height and you accomplish nothing.
You may think you’re cool, but you’re not. At the end of the day, you’re just a guy who missed out on a lot of fun stuff.
I guess it took the 10 year old version of him to brung it out in him.
Yep, my boy was finally growing up.
I need to speak with the principal, so get her or him.
And we’ve only just began.
Have a great summer.
You fought for me.
I would have just quit.
It is in your genes.
Take care of your brother.
Axl met the love of his life, but that’s a story for another day.


Nashville 4.19

The show is getting worse with each episode and I hoped they’d give us a nice goodbye. I downloaded Rayna’s song the minute the episode ended. I was so happy when I saw Juliette sent Glenn to protect Maddie. Pretty shocked about Maddie using Rayna’s last name as her stage name, but I guess it’s understandable.

I just wanna have a breakdown.
To hell with looking for that silver lightning.
Someone’s giving her some really bad advice.
She calls him his good luck charm.
Rayna always wanted to sing.
Maddie James?
And suddenly she’s using my last name?


Castle 5.19

A case about a guy who just kept returning to the living.

We become normal.
No Castle, you will never be normal.
If I were an expert on character, which I am.
Why the hell won’t you die!?
As long as I’m with you, I’ll go anywhere.


Faking It 3.10

I didn’t know Amy and Karma were supposed to end up together! The show’s creator tweeted that they would have dated for half of last season. And let’s be honest Karmy was the only reason I got into the show. And now what? Everyone is with someone they weren’t even supposed to date and the show was cancelled. I really hope it gets picked up by Netflix or some other company. The series finale was completely dreadful, just like this half season was.

With Sabrina I could have…
What I couldn’t give you.
I thought you killed her.
Lying about my sexuality made me see the truth.


The Simpsons 27.22

I am glad at least the finale was funny with couch manual and Marge ending up in jail. Chief Wiggum not understanding Rulf was his son Ralph was a nice touch, especially for the finale.

Starts stupid, ends stupid.
Silvester Alone.
Marge, you’re being arrested?!
Incarcerate Marge Simpson’s mother!
I could have married a woman who didn’t look exactly like me, but that would’ve been crazy.
Your husband never filed Bart’s birth certificate. Bart isn’t legally your son.
All kids are accounted for except Rulf Wiggum. Oh, busy.