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I have finally managed to catch up on How To Get Away With Murder and now I’m in the process of finishing season 2 of Absentia. I also have a few episodes of Station 19 remaining.

When Calls the Heart 7.10

In this season finale Elizabeth lands a book deal and struggles with picking between the two men that have been in love with her all season. Rosemary tries to help Lee and his sister reconcile after the later visits Hope Valley to make amends. Someone gets shot. Elizabeth hugs Nathan at the end of the episode and now I ship them, possibly because the other match is too full of himself.

I don’t know what Lee was like 20 years ago, but the Lee I know today, he’s a good man with a big heart.
You named your son Patrick? It’s a good name.
If this was a date, I would take your jacket.
Leeland, I wish I could take back the last 20 years.
Elizabeth, would you like to get dinner with me?
Someone’s been shot.
I think it’s Nathan.


Station 19 3.06

The Station has been snowed in. A person’s foot gets amputated and he staples it back on as per an advice he found on the world wide web. Andy learns her dad’s cancer is back and Travis desperately tries to find a woman lost in snow. Dean’s daughter is born.

We’ll have to re-amputate the foot.
Requesting search and rescue.


Station 19 3.07

Maya and Karina are officially together. Dean’s child’s mother leaves the baby with him.

Aircraft crash.
This isn’t froma plane, it’s from a rocket.
I’m pretty sure you did it.
I’m not in a habit of fixing broken people.
I don’t need a girlfriend.
I was never going to stay.
She can find me when she’s 16 or 17.


Station 19 3.08

It’s a wonderful episode, where a lot happens. Caterina Scorscone guest stars.

I need someone smart with people skills to talk them down.
I am a recovering addict.
There is no getting over pain of any kind without telling the truth.
I don’t need you to baby me.
Okay then, enjoy the carnage.
There’s plenty of people with red hair though, it’s not a sign of anything.
Doctors without Borders is a great goal. You’ve got plenty of time.
Doctor Ben Warren.
Doctor? What are you doing here?
Helping you.
Which story do you want to hear?
She cannot distinguish you from that chair.
You haven’t decided whether or not you’re keeping her?
Just being alive isn’t the same as living.
You ever want to do anything differently, give me a call. You’ve got real talent.
We’re family. Is everyone okay? We’re family.
You know what’s weird? People who think red heads are aliens.
Poeple always die.
You lose more than you win.
You drink a little. You make inappropriate jokes and then you go home and sleep a few hours and then you do it all again the next day.
I can help you, I’ll move in here and I’ll help you with the baby.
Robert Sullivan is the one who took drugs. Wasn’t he?
I’m the truck.
I’m sorry, I’m not good with American idioms.
I’m the truck that destroyed the Station 19 family.


How to Get Away with Murder 6.02

I watched this episode back in October, and then decided to take a break from HTGAWM, now I finally have a minute to catch up. Michaela found her father, oh so she thinks. We learn that Laurel had a safety deposit box to which Wes also had access to.

Welcome to your last semester of law school.
Pathetic kid rescue collection.
Admit This!
I never killed anyone in my life, but try me.
Our client is 8 years old.
He has your eyes.
Your position has been terminated.
Your name? Wes Gibbins.
Your son killed your boyfriend.
My father’s dead. I could have met him if you told me.
Your fingerprints match the murder weapon.
When was it last accessed?
3 days ago.


How To Get Away with Murder 6.03

Michaela kicks ass in the court room and wins the case. We learned that Tegan has a wife.

Professor for this case, my case.
A lesbian, a woman of color running a major law firm.
Because she’s my wife.
Can I yell at you for not telling me that you have a wife?
You got fired.
Maybe I’ll go on a bender.
I don’t think your dad is dead.
Your dad wasn’t the client, Michaela, he’s the lawyer.


How to Get Away with Murder 6.04

Annalise realises she’s gay, not bi. Michaela goes to her father’s conference.

What’s wrong with Connor!?
I like myself more when I’m with her.
You mean falling in love with Eve?
Falling in love with a woman.
My father would stick me in a mental clinic if he found out.
Are you in love with Eve?
The uncle, the abuse? Of course.
Where’s Oliver?
Working from home.
I never approved that.
Are you still high?
Eve makes me feel safe.
What’s your preference?
Men who blame women for not wanting to have sex with them.
I want power to fix all of it.
I know you’re looking for a woman to love, why don’t you start loving yourself.
I came to change before dinner. Can you come back?
I know you, Michaela.